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Team Liquid wins LCS Spring Playoffs 2024

At last, Team Liquid has succeeded. Team Liquid defeated FlyQuest in the Grand Finals Bo5 of the 2024 LCS Spring Playoffs, ultimately winning the Championship Cup for the first time since 2019. It has been five years since Liquid last won in the LCS Playoffs, having last done so in the summer of 2019. Liquid won the championship with a 3-1 victory over FlyQuest. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

First game was exciting. Everyone was glued to their TVs for a fantastic match between Team Liquid and Cloud9. Team Liquid took the lead early on and set a fast pace. They continued to apply pressure, outwitting Cloud9 on the map and capturing objectives. Cloud9 made every attempt to retaliate with cunning maneuvers, but Team Liquid’s strong defensive and astute tactics held them at bay. Midway through the game, a pivotal team battle proved that Team Liquid was prepared for high-stakes action and turned the tide. Ultimately, Team Liquid’s masterful management of the last game ensured their triumph. Although they had prevailed, Cloud9 remained in the fight.

Team Liquid wins LCS Spring Playoffs 2024
Team Liquid wins LCS Spring Playoffs 2024

In the 2nd map, APA just avoided death as FlyQuest attempted to capture the First Blood, but UmTi defeated Jensen for yet another outstanding TL start. FlyQuest, however, was more cunning this time around because Bwipo turned to assist Jensen and the FLY botlane also awoke. With five Void Grubs and a tiny gold lead to their name, they quickly began to take control of the map. Team Liquid had to pay with APA’s life in order to respond with a 2nd Dragon of their own. FlyQuest turned a desperate Inspired escape into a victorious teamfight, and Team Liquid lost a Baron. Bwipo and FLY controlled the remainder of the midgame, and FlyQuest found a game-winning teamfight before the half-hour mark, denying TL’s scaling composition and tying the series.

In the 3rd map the early game proceeded largely quiet until about 6:30, when combat broke out around the Dragon Pit, and UmTi managed to secure First Blood. FLY was able to secure some kills throughout the map, but TL’s early dominance was due to their superior rotation over their opponents. It was not a good sign for Busio and company. A few minutes later, the final teamfight of the match started. FlyQuest nearly got multiple kills, but APA, UmTi, and Yeon proved to be too strong for them.

In the last map, following some mayhem in the jungle, FlyQuest scored 2-1 after three swift kills surrounding Red Buff and an invasion from TL. UmTi fell behind because he had to be everywhere at once, and Inspired punished him for it. But Jensen was pushed under the turret, which allowed TL to stabilize. Even so, FlyQuest had a clear advantage early on in the game and completed the majority of the objectives. After Team Liquid’s second Nashor of the game, they were well-positioned to win the championship. All of FlyQuest was wiped out when TL destroyed Inspired and Jensen during a siege on toplane. Team Liquid emerged victorious in the LCS, guaranteeing their direct path to the MSI Main Event for the first time since 2019.

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