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Team owner subs into pro match

At the EMEA Masters, Polish League team Zero Tenacity was 0–5 down in their group. They competed in the Ultraliga. Dimitrije “Hebihime” Malesevic, the organization’s owner, decided to sub himself in the midlane since he had no chance of moving forward. Z10 went 0-6 in their group and lost the last game against Los Heretics while the 26-year-old was starting. Hebihime answered fan comments on X (previously Twitter) and shared his thoughts after the “gumba stomped” loss. He clarified that Emre “Kofte” Akça, the mid laner, had nothing to do with the decision. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

Malesevic’s last-minute addition to the team did not help Zero Tenacity, who had lost a lot of games during the competition. After losing to Los Heretics once more, the team’s EMEA Masters campaign came to an end without a single win. After the disappointing result, Malesevic took to social media to address the community, admitting defeat and sharing his thought process behind his decisions. In retrospect, Malesevic regretted the chances lost, thinking that they could have won in the early to mid-game period if they had performed better. He underlined that he chose to enter the lineup in order to impact the team’s approach and create a more upbeat environment.

Team owner subs into pro match
Team owner subs into pro match

In response to questions concerning the dynamics of the team, Malesevic explained that his substitution was an effort to offer strategic direction from the mid lane position rather than a sign of discontent with the current roster. He emphasized the difficulties of different roles and restated his dedication to the group’s accomplishment. Within the esports community, the move caused controversy as fans and analysts questioned Malesevic’s decision’s wisdom. Given the regular mid-laner on the team’s consistent performance throughout the season, many saw it as an ill-advised attempt at heroism. Malesevic defended his choices, claiming that they were made with the performance of the team in mind, in spite of internal opposition within the company. The team had prepared to compete with their original lineup, but Malesevic indicated a willingness to step in if necessary, as later clarified by Adrian “hatchy” Widera, the organization’s COO. Although Widera noted that there were differing opinions regarding the choice, she underlined the organization’s dedication to developing a climate of respect and cooperation. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexity of team dynamics and leadership roles in competitive gaming organizations, as discussions about it continue within the esports community.

The owner of a company has had to assume leadership of one of their teams during a tournament on previous occasions. Nevertheless, these are typically one-time events, such as entering a game as a substitute at the last minute when no other options are available or realizing a professional fantasy in a pointless regular season game. League supporters referred to the organization’s owner’s choice as strange and terrible. “WHAT IN THE WORLD is that disgusting behavior? “This is ridiculous, he can just bench the player who has competed in the split and playoffs, worked hard to get to the EMEA Masters, and then plays, a Reddit user commented.

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