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Team Spirit wins BLAST Premier Spring Final

The BLAST Premier Spring Final grand final took place at the Wembley Arena, with Team Spirit defeating Natus Vincere 3-1. The Russian team won the championship in front of a crowd that favored their opponents. They did so with remarkable skill and poise. With this triumph, Team Spirit wins its second championship of the year and solidifies their place in the current Counter-Strike landscape. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!


Team Spirit wins BLAST Premier Spring Final
Team Spirit on stage after winning the tournament

Match Recap

Despite NAVI’s best efforts on defense, Spirit easily breezed past them at the beginning of Ancient, as everything was falling into place for their T-side. Even though NAVI came very close to winning in the end, they made a mistake in a round where Spirit possessed pistols and gave up match point to Donk and company, who had established a commanding 10-2 lead at that time. Spirit took advantage of the situation and easily closed the map 13–9. Sh1ro, Donk, and Magixx each secured more than 15 kills, however only iM achieved the same feat for NAVI.

Despite Spirit’s great CT-side start, it appeared as though NAVI would win Dust 2 thanks to an outstanding ace clutch play by Aleksib that energized the whole team. That is exactly what happened as NAVI managed to win four more rounds and maintain their T-side. But Spirit developed a stronger T-side on their own, preventing NAVI from gaining much traction or establishing a sound economy. In the series-deciding round, Spirit prevailed due to a daring late charge onto the A bombsite, despite all odds being against them. Spirit never looked back after winning this round, and they easily closed Dust 2.

As NAVI approached Mirage, they were facing an impassable wall, but they showed no signs of giving up. Rather, the PGL Copenhagen Major champions adopted an entirely distinct mindset and thoroughly outclassed Spirit to secure their maiden victory in the grand finals. Aleksib was the player who best exemplified this mindset during the game. The broadcast showed him addressing the team that he would rather lose with them than play cowardly. Spirit was unable to affect the contest as NAVI dominated Mirage on both sides. A fantastic A bombsite hit that shattered Spirit’s CT-side economy for the series’ last round was the final nail in their coffin. In addition, Aleksib’s losing run of five straight best-of-five grand final losses was snapped with this victory.


Last Map

Despite NAVI’s humiliation of Spirit on Mirage, the Russians were extremely driven to join Nuke. They performed admirably as a united team on the T-side and CT-side, and maybe most significantly, donk truly delivered. While NAVI had been able to contain Spirit’s superstar on the other maps, they were unable to contain him on Nuke.

In just 19 rounds, Donk and Zont1x scored 19 and 20 frags, respectively, and carried Spirit to victory in Nuke and the BLAST Premier Spring Final. As NAVI was about to win a round on their CT-side, the Spirit pair completely destroyed the A bombsite, shattering NAVI’s economy and facilitating Spirit’s capture of the map.

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