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Team Vitality are Semifinal bound in Copenhagen

At the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, Team Vitality and Cloud9 faced off in an exciting quarterfinal match to start the playoffs. With a 2-0 complete wipe , Team Vitality defeated Cloud9 and demonstrated their strong performance in the competition. FlameZ was this match’s MVP, and the French lineup’s outstanding effort earned them a place in the semifinals. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

Though there was no denying the considerable disparities in skill, both teams advanced from the Elimination Stage with 3-1 victories. FlameZ said they were “off” throughout the group stage whereas they were feeling vibrant and on point during the playoffs in the stage interview that followed the game.

On Vitality’s selection of Inferno, the match got underway. Despite the Yellow Hornets’ strong start, Cloud9‘s outstanding T-side allowed them to grab a 6-3 advantage. Vitality, though, was able to bounce back and end the half tied 6-6. On their CT-side, Cloud9 was unable to duplicate the same performance. Vitality claimed the map 13–8, and Cloud9, thoroughly overwhelmed by LotanSpinxGiladi, only managed to complete two CT rounds.

Onto the second map, where the battleground was supposed to be Anubis. Cloud9 had already won 5 of their previous 6 games on the map going into the match, including a decisive 13-5 triumph against their opponents. Following the pattern set by the series, Vitality took the first pair of rounds in conversion after taking the lead in the third pistol round. FlameZ, who recently made his Major Playoff debut, was enjoying the match of his life during the first half, reaching 15-2 at one point, thus Cloud9 was unable to prevail in an opening battle for the sake of their lives. Vitality finished the first half with an impressive 10-2, leaving them with no space for improvement. ShaharflameZShushan volunteered for Vitality this time. The Hornets finished the game on their CT-side at 13-2, making no mistakes.

If they want to win the Major again, they would best continue their excellent play. In the most recent Counter-Strike Major, which took place in May in Paris, Vitality emerged victorious. Since then, there have been significant changes to the lineup. FlameZ and mezii have taken the places of Magisk and dupreeh, and XTQZZZ has taken over as coach in place of Zonic. They still appear to be among the top candidates for the Copenhagen Major, though.

For Cloud9, though, it was an entirely distinct story. Richard Lewis thinks it’s great that Cloud9 finished in the Top Eight of the Major, but SudhenBlehWahengbam had a few additional remarks. Bleh claims that Cloud9’s “AWP Roulette” had almost no effect on the outcome of the match and that this kind of behavior is unacceptable in a competition of this caliber. After this game, they must identify the issue and adjust and modify as necessary.

As a result, Team Vitality advanced to the Semi Finals, much to the delight of the hundreds of spectators who were raising their hands in the Royal Arena. ZywOo and company will try to be ready for their next match, which will pit them against one of the world’s best teams, FaZe Clan.

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