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Team Vitality secures second stage spot – LEC 2023 Winter Split

Team Vitality is officially the first LEC squad to secure their spot in the second stage of the 2023 LEC Winter Split, after absolutely smashing G2 Esports in what could become the league’s yearly rivalry. Dynamic team play and overall good lane performances made Team Vitality’s game seem rather easy, helping the squad achieve their 5th consecutive victory and a second stage spot.

Both of the teams went into the 2nd week of the LEC undefeated, but their success was stopped to a halt by an unexpected rival. A resurgent SK Gaming defeated both G2 Esports and Team Vitality before their head-to-head match, making the matchup even more important for both sides. Nevertheless, right from the get-go, it was Vitality who took control of the map. Bo’s early game pathing and continuous ganking helped Vitality establish an early gold lead, then both Neon and Perkz were able to close out the match in the late game once their power spike was completed. G2 Esports’ was not able to sustain the early movement by Team Vitality, the game did stretch out a little more than everyone was expecting, nevertheless around the 40-minute mark Team Vitality was able to take a step further into the second stage of the LEC.

Team Vitality secures second stage spot - LEC 2023 Winter Split
Team Vitality secures second stage spot - LEC 2023 Winter Split

After a total of 3 weeks of the best of one single round-robin format, only 8 teams from the tournament will be able to advance into the best-of-three double-elimination stage of the 2023 LEC Winter Split. Team Vitality has become the first official team to advance. Looking at the polar opposite side of the table, both Astralis and Excel have lost 5 games in the first two weeks of the tournament, at best mathematically they can win up to 4 games in the first stage. Sadly for Astralis or Excel fans, any team that is able to grab 5 total wins will qualify for the LEC Winter Split group stage on top of them.

Other 4 more organizations have achieved 4 wins in the two LEC weeks of competition, and are now going into the last couple of games of the first stage, knowing that just one more win will secure their advancement. However if SK Gaming, MAD Lions, and Team BDS are a single game away from taking their place in the top eight, Astralis and Excel need to win all of their remaining matches to have the slimmest of chances to go into the second stage.

LEC drama and games will resume on Saturday, February 4th in the official Riot Games live stream channels.

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