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Teams attending Dota 2’s Berlin Major facing a plethora of visa issues prior to the event

Dota 2 juggernauts Team Aster and BetBoom have been impacted by visa issues going into the early stages of the Berlin Major, sadly setting the ground for forced roster changes within a Tier 1 event.

Team Aster’s founder has officially confirmed Zhai “Xwy” Jingkai will not be able to participate in the tournament, after mentioning the situation via a livestream. Nigma Galaxy’s SumaiL will be the replacement for Team Aster, with fans extremely excited to see a veteran once again on the big stage. As with any unexpected roster shuffle, teams are worried about possible language barriers or difference in playstyle, however there is not much they can do other than trust their system can adapt to the situation.

Teams attending Dota 2’s Berlin Major facing a plethora of visa issues prior to the event
Berlin Major venue

As for BetBoom, their redemption arc after underwhelming performances at the Lima Major have reportedly become almost impossible and definitely worse, after rumors within the community state that Pure is also having visa issues for the tournament.

According to said rumors, BetBoom’s response for the situation is switching Nightfall from the offlane position directly into a carry role, with the team hoping to find an offlaner to fill out their roster before the deadline. The community has suggested ATF and Daxak as the most plausible targets to sub in.

If the changes do happen, it could create an even rougher team environment for the organizations that finished 4th and 3rd in their respective regional Dota Pro Circuit Spring Tour events. On top of that, other teams from China and Eastern Europe might be receiving notifications of similar issues when the event comes closer to start, with the scenario looking like a possible COVID-19 2.0 for the tournament.

Visa issues have always been present in the esports scene, however normally all organizations are able to move around them with enough time at their disposal. With some of them even managing to grab working visas for US hosted tournaments, a feat that requires not only time but a plethora of legal action.

It is a rather unfortunate situation to find yourself into, especially with a considerably high prize pool of $500000 plus 2700 Dota Pro Circuit points. Making the roster replacement the utmost important decision for the event, which could ultimately determine your success or failure within the competition.

There is still some time before the tournament starts on April 26th for Aster, BetBoom, and possibly others to see if the visa issues can be resolved, or hopefully, they can properly scout the best replacements for their key pieces. As of the moment only Team Aster has confirmed they will get a replacement, in the form of SumaiL.

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