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The Best Supports of all time in League of Legends

In League Of Legends, the Support role is the lowest income position in the game whilst at the same time requiring incredible macro knowledge and situational awareness to create impact without raw resources. For a couple of seasons, the main playstyle for a Support main was to lane mostly alongside the ADC player making sure the weak/most volatile member of the team in the early game could scale and become a late game monster. Supports would only roam briefly to place vision around neutral objectives and drop some wards in the enemy jungle to further track its path.

In more recent years, Riot deviated from this outdated style, and has changed the Support role quite a lot by giving them access to more gold and experience throughout the course of the game (mainly from the support specific items). This switch has transformed the role forever into a more roamy, playmaking, and map impactful role.

Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, player for FlyQuest
Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, player for FlyQuest

In this day and age, it has become important for Support mains to roam during correct situations in the laning phase, in hopes of getting either their Top, Mid, or Jungler ahead of the pack. This article will look through the best Support players to ever play competitively on the Summoner’s Rift and hopefully share interesting facts of why they belong in this list.

10-Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black

Aphromoo rose to the spotlight in the early days of competitive League of Legends as a Bot Laner for v8 Esports before moving on to play for other teams such as TSM Evo and Team FeaR. His stream created one of the most known League Of Legends highlights of all time wherein, still as a Bot Lane main he picked Leona in a solo queue game and continuously killed the enemy Corki, creating the popular catchphrase “Support is so easy dude”.

Soon after, Aphromoo would switch from a Bot Lane position into becoming one of North America’s greatest Support mains of all time. Aphromoo’s achievements include: 2 LCS Championships and an MVP award. He has represented North America in the World Championship tournament and after a lot of years continues to show his talent as a Support in the LCS, currently playing for Flyquest.

9-Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh

SwordArt has one of the most fantasized careers of any Support main, starting his path in the LMS within AHQ Amateur before rising to prominence with Flash Wolves. Throughout his entire career, SwordArt has played with some incredibly exciting rosters in hopes of bringing home a World Championship win, his true chance was in the 2020 World Championship with Suning Gaming where they sadly lost in the finals.

SwordArt is best known for being an extremely aggressive player on all his teams, looking to fight in 2v2 or 3v3 situations constantly instead of playing a scaling laning phase. SwordArt’s trophy cabinet includes: 2 IEM World Championships, 4 LMS Championships, and a World Championship Finals appearance. His overall win rate is incredibly high, sitting at 307 wins to 190 losses.

8-Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle

Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle, player for Excel
Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle, player for Excel

Mikyx has been Europe’s prime support main coming into competitive play on Splyce before being picked up by Misfits and then signing with the legendary G2 roster of 2018. Mikyx was initially known as being an enchanter peeler Support, however as his career progressed his champion pool did as well, transitioning into a more playmaking playstyle adding signature champions like Rakan and Pyke.

Mikyx achievements include: EU LCS Regional Finals Championship, 4 LEC Championships, Rift Rivals Championship, Mid Season Invitational Championship, and a 2nd place finish at the 2019 World Championship tournament.

7-Tian “Meiko” Ye

Meiko has achieved many accolades in his playing stint competing with EDG. Most notably Meiko added the following to his resume: Mid Season Invitational Champion, 2 time LPL Regional Finals Champion, 2 time Rift Rivals Champion, Asia Games Champion, All Star Champion, LPL Champion, and World Champion. Meiko is a engager/disengager tank specialist having over a 65% win rate on champions such as Braum, Thresh, and Alistar (the holy trinity for competitive support players)

His overall win rate is 446 wins to 246 losses over his 7 year career. Something worthy of noting is that Meiko is still relatively young at 24 years old, and is currently still competing with EDG in 2022 who is still a star studded team.

6-Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming

Ming came to the spotlight as being the dynamic duo to Bot Laner Uzi creating arguably the best isolated bottom lane duo of all time, especially after watching their Mid Season Invitational run in 2018. Ming is known for his tank oriented playstyle, usually picking champions that could peel or disengage for his all star Bot Laner.

Ming’s most proficient champs are Braum, Alistar, and Tahm Kench averaging a win rate of over 65% on these champions. Ming currently still plays for RNG to this day, where the team continues to battle at the highest competitive level.

5-Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyun

Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyun, retired League of Legends player
Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyun, retired League of Legends player

A lot of players might consider GorillA the most mechanically talented support main in the game’s history. During his competitive career GorillA was a strategic counterpick mastermind and will be always remembered for his Support Miss Fortune pick on the verge of losing the World Finals against juggernaut SKT T1 back in 2015. He is also known as being the best enchanter support player of all time, putting up incredible results with Janna, Morgana, and Nami.

GorillA will go down in competitive history as one of the only Support players willing to pick creative counterpicks in high pressure situations while maintaining the same level of success in the most dominant region in the world.

4-Hong “Madlife” Min-gi

Madlife is the definition of generational player, a personality that was so good that their legacy is solidified in history due to their insane mechanical ability rather than their domestic and international accolades. In the case of Madlife, he adapted the support role from being a passive heavy position, into one of constant highlight mechanical plays and incredible movement. Still to this day, landing a crazy almost impossible skillshot is referred to by players as pulling a “Madlife” due to the consistency at which he would hit game ending skillshots.

Madlife is most known for his craftsmanship of hook champions such as Thresh and Blitzcrank, nevertheless, a lot of people forget that he also was the pioneer of mage support champions. In the early days these champions were usually relegated to the Mid Lane, however Madlife brought support picks like Zyra. Madlife is far from the most decorated player, but his innovation and mechanical savvy was the cornerstone for many support players in the future.

3-Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in

Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in, player for Team Liquid
Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in, player for Team Liquid

After a horrible start in the NA LCS as team Dignitas’ Bot Lane, CoreJJ would transfer back to Korea before being signed by Samsung Galaxy. Six months after joining Samsung Galaxy, CoreJJ decided to transition into the Support role starting a career of absolute madness. CoreJJ would go from being an underwhelming bot laner, into a World Championship winning support. CoreJJ’s proficiency comes from his unmatched adaptability to play every Support champion he chooses to, however throughout history his best champions are Thresh and Alistar.

His accolades include 2 LCS Championships, an IEM Championship, and a World Championship. He currently plays for Team Liquid in the North American LCS and has looked to better the region as a whole in hopes of transforming NA into world class region.

2-Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan

Wolf is part of the most dominant bot lane to ever compete in the LCK and the world, absolutely demolishing the league for the better part of 2 consecutive years alongside his trusty duo Bang. Wolf is remembered for his absolutely incredible international performances but also for his personality. He easily mastered most supports, however, Wolf is most notorious for his aggressive Alistar gameplay, averaging a career win rate of almost 77% over 99 total played games.

Wolf’s accolades include: 5 LCK Championships, 2 Mid Season Invitational Championships, an IEM World Championship, and back to back World Championship victories.

1-Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong

Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong, retired League of Legends player
Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong, retired League of Legends player

Mata comes in slightly above Wolf due to his innovation of a roam heavy support playstyle, alongside his international dominance on a lot of different teams. Mata is the definition and standard of a playmaking centric support constantly looking to roam around the map with his Jungler rather than playing through the lane. Mata’s best champion pick was Thresh, resulting in a never before seen 70% career win rate on the champion, becoming technically even a better Thresh player than Madlife on raw statistics.

Mata was also part of the most dominating World Championship runs of all time when Samsung White won the World Championship in 2014. Mata’s trophy case includes: LCK Champions 2013 Spring Champion, Worlds 2014 Champion, LPL 2016 Spring Playoffs Champion, LCK 2018 Summer Champion, and lastly Rift Rivals 2019 Winner. Thus creating the biggest amount of accolades solely earned by a support player, incredibly this was achieved within different organizations.

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