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The Dive podcast dedicated to the LCS walkout delayed due to “concerns”

The Dive, a weekly podcast ran by NA LCS talent and broadcast members, announced a delay on there latest episode according to one of the hosts Isaac “Azael” Cummings-Bentley, reportedly due to “concerns” that could play a part on discussions between the LCSPA and Riot Games.

The LCS caster announced on June 1st via social media that the podcast would not be coming out, thanks to the possibility of The Dive affecting the current discussions between both parties on the LCS walkout.

The Dive podcast dedicated to the LCS walkout delayed due to “concerns”
Riot Games caster Azael

Sorry to all those disappointed.

— Isaac CB (@AzaelOfficial) June 2, 2023

The Dive is mainly hosted by both Azael and Kobe, which are casters working under Riot Games’ LCS broadcast within the North American scene.

The entire situation is a result of the recent LCS player walkout announced back on May 28th by the LCS Players Association, thanks to Riot Games’ decision to delete the requirement for LCS organizations to participate in the NA Challengers League. Tier 2 North American talent took a massive hit thanks to this decision, which quickly prompted a response from the LCSPA.

The announcement of the walkout left the community and the LCS wrapped in controversy, even making Riot Games postpone the start of the 2023 LCS Summer Split by 2 weeks while they discuss the situation with the LCSPA. If no agreement is reached between both parties, Riot Games stated they are ready to fully cancel this year’s Summer Split, meaning no North American team would attend Worlds.

This is definitely the main subject of talks around the League of Legends competitive community, as a strike/walkout has never happened within the esports division. Fans expected The Dive episode on the matter to be either delayed or fully canceled, as its main topic was the walkout itself including discussions coming from Riot members on how all of this could end. It is a tough situation to discuss, thus it is understandable Riot Games would want to adjust the specifics while sitting with the LCSPA to talk about the future of both the LCS and NACL scenes as a whole.

The outcome is even harder to predict. The announcement about the round table happening between Riot Games and the LCSPA was posted on May 30th, however no further updates have been provided by any of the parties involved as of the moment of writing. Ultimately leaving the community in disarray, waiting for a response.

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