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The History Of Evil Geniuses In CSGO

One of the most contentious CSGO teams, Evil Geniuses, has put a lot of money into the scene with little to show for it. This is why we are taking a look at the team’s past performance and thinking about how they might be able to improve moving forward.

The Evil Geniuses’ CSGO experience isn’t that old; in fact, the team only joined the game in late 2019. To break into the NA scene, they acquired the NRG roster of Brehze, CeRq, Ethan, tarik, and Stanislaw.

The History Of Evil Geniuses In CSGO
The History Of Evil Geniuses In CSGO

They already had a few minor victories to their credit as Tarik had even won a CSGO Major with Cloud9, while Stanislaw had played for Liquid, OpTic, and Complexity.

The team got off to an amazing start. The first two competitions the freshly recruited lineup played in were victories. Evil Geniuses had a dream debut with StarSeries & i-League CSGO Season 8 and ESL One: New York 2019. However, in the end, it turned out to be somewhat of a false dawn.

They had a lot of trouble getting over the online era, but Evil Geniuses had something planned. They needed to adopt a new strategy if they wanted to rank among the top CSGO teams in the globe.

The Evil Geniuses CSGO project received a facelift in early 2022. Three new players, autimatic, RUSH, and Stewie2K, came, bringing with them a massive surge of ability and years of expertise. It was a significant investment that demonstrated their dedication to the scene.

In June 2022, Evil Geniuses decided to split the academy into two teams: Evil Geniuses White and Evil Geniuses Black. Again, they had to recruit 10 more players to make this happen, demonstrating their willingness to invest in order for this to work. In general, only established teams who must always look to the future, for example NAVI, have an academy roster.

In principle, it was a fantastic idea. Have a large pool of young players to choose from when it comes time to improve your primary roster, thus future-proofing your club. But that hasn’t been the case with the Evil Geniuses CSGO project thus far. Instead, it has only added to the confusion.

refrezh Ali, player for Evil Geniuses

Players are switching from one team to another, and they are adding new players while releasing others. At EG, there has been no coherence. Having 15 good players locked down sounds fantastic, but what’s the purpose if they never learn how to play together?

Now it’s just been a money-burning exercise lately. Stewie2K has already been discharged, Automatic is still on the squad, and Rush is currently playing with the academy in EG Black of the trio acquired in early 2022.

Since they are currently an ESL Partner Team, they frequently receive automatic invitations to prestigious competitions. However, it is more of a barrier than an aid. They aren’t performing at the appropriate level right now, and getting repeatedly beaten and bruised by superior teams can be demoralizing.

The EG CSGO team needs to prioritize its work. By breaking up Evil Geniuses White in April 2023, they’ve made a positive move. However, that will still fall short.

After having a disastrous beginning to his CSGO career with the Evil Geniuses, the recent signing of refrezh from Sprout demonstrates that their scouting still needs improvement. They must evaluate both of their remaining squads to determine which one meets the necessary standards.

The project might need to start from scratch. Clearly, the money is available if they decide to demolish it and rebuild. However, it must begin at the very top. The Evil Geniuses CSGO project is already doomed if they are unable to find the necessary people to hire.

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