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The MongolZ take down G2

In Season 19 of the ESL Pro League, TheMongolz defeated G2 2-0. Fans were taken aback by this victory, which also abruptly altered the ratings. The Mongolz were underdogs going into the game, but pundits and fans were leaning toward the more seasoned G2 team. But their decisive execution and bold approach meant that G2 was out of a chance from the start. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

The truth was somewhere in the middle; TheMongolz’s outstanding performance skewed the series substantially in their favor, but G2 also didn’t show up and sounded erratic and off-key the entire time. The PGL Major Copenhagen and IEM Chengdu semifinalist teams were defeated on both of the played maps, and their sole accomplishment was a meager cosmetic reversal on the Anubis assaulting side. At the conclusion, every player on TheMongolz had a rating over 1.25, however not a single G2 participant had a rating higher than 1. With a 1.51 rating, 37-16 KD, and 89.2 ADR in the series, AWPer Usukhbayar “⁠910⁠” Banzragch deserves recognition. He is frequently disregarded in a country where riflers are the dominant force. Perhaps the most impressive performance of the match for G2 came from Ilya “⁠m0NESY⁠” Osipov, who entered the game hot from being the sole member of his team playing on Ancient. His quad-kill on the A site with a scout could have changed the course of events in their map pick.

The MongolZ take down G2
The MongolZ member, bLitz, competing on stage

About a year ago, The MongolZ shocked the Counter-Strike community. In April and May of 2023, they signed a relatively unknown lineup and began winning games against numerous teams that were considered to be far superior to them. This continued until August 2023, when the squad made it to the top twenty worldwide rankings. Following that, their precipitous downfall resumed, and by October, The MongolZ had fallen to 50th place. Everyone understood that 2024 would be a terrific year for this group if the drive to produce excellent results would be strong when they returned to the top with a string of subsequent solid performances. The MongolZ proved they had what it took to defeat some of the top rivals in the globe when they won the Asia-Pacific RMR for PGL Major Copenhagen and went on to place 15–16 at the biggest event of the year. They immediately demonstrated their strength as the best team in Asia by qualifying for both the Esports World Cup 2024 and the ESL Challenger Jonkoping. Thus, many teams in group A knew they would be extremely difficult to beat when the ESL Pro League S19 got underway.

Within the Counter-Strike community, this surprise result generated discussion. TheMongolz are currently being reassessed by experts, who see them as strong candidates for the top spots in worldwide rankings. In the wake of this loss, G2 has also been under fire for their tactics and team chemistry. Season 19 of the ESL Pro League began on April 23 and runs through May 12. There will be 32 teams competing for a $750,000 prize pool.

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