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The NA LCS postseason dark horses: CLG & GGS

After an exciting 3 months of LCS game play, the playoff tournament is set to begin soon including the best 6 squads in North America. These postseason organizations have rightfully punched their ticket by breaking through their opponents consistently throughout the regular season. Nevertheless, the real test starts now, their mechanics and savviness will be put to the test when they battle head to head in best of 5 series.

From tournament favorites to absolute incredibly strong underdogs, there are quite a lot of teams fans can follow when the playoffs start on Thursday, March 23rd. However, for any other viewers who have not watched the LCS closely this year, here is a quick summary on how 3 teams are looking going into the postseason.

CLG’s jungler Contractz
CLG’s jungler Contractz

Hard work and dedication should be the foundation for any successful squad, and in this year’s LCS, no other organization believes in these values more than CLG. While other organizations decided to scout outside of North America for talent in the off season, the coaching staff and front office at CLG decided to keep their squad from 2022 and trust they would be able to build on top of the previous year’s success.

Even though CLG might not have featured superstars when compared to other teams, their commitment to building around discipline and effort has been enough for them to rise up. In 2023 they finished in 4th place for the 2nd split in a row, after 3 years of ending in the bottom of the table.

What is most impressive is they managed to gather wins against every squad in the NA LCS, except for FlyQuest, and could definitely take the same squads by surprise in the early series of the playoff stage.

Taking a look at our second team, not a single fan thought that Golden Guardians would become one of the most consistent squads this year or even manage to advance to the playoffs. Actually, most of the community thought they would end up in the bottom of the table by the end of the regular season.

After an unexpected 7 game win streak and some exciting showings from Gori, River, and Stixxay, the squad was poised to punch their way to the top and into the playoffs. This lineup has become the perfect example of how teamwork and sacrificing for the greater good is a great path to victories, since individually, each of these players haven’t really been considered as top 3 on their respective roles.

Nevertheless, through teamwork and synergy Golden Guardians was able to surprise fans, analysts, and their opponents by taking a seat in the playoffs stage. The only true problem is their momentum, GGS finished the regular season with 3 consecutive losses, and since most teams have now cracked their strategist it might be hard to continue forward in the tournament.

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