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The positives of the new LEC format

It’s been a couple of weeks since the start of the brand new 2023 LEC Winter Split, but League of Legends viewers definitely appreciate the change of pace thanks to its new format.

The LEC has introduced a new format to its competition in search of a more high-stakes and exciting league, starting with a 3-season ladder instead of the traditional 2 per year, while also implementing a group stage and the usual playoff stage right at the end. Craziness and drama has been elevated extremely high and the league has seen plenty of positive feedback from the community and fans alike.

LEC logo
LEC logo

Other league organizers around the globe, like the LCS, have decided to maintain the same seasonal format for years and now almost a decade. Even though the LCS is live on different days than before, the season still remains rather stale compared to other products of the same vein.

Of course, there should be some sense of stability as needless change can become problematic, but after a decade of competitive play, a format rebrand might be exactly what other leagues need to push themselves into higher and more importantly sustainable viewership levels.

A total of 8 weeks of regular season play gives players some time at the beginning of the split to get to know each other’s pace, strategies, playstyle, and overall approach to the game. Nevertheless, the LEC’s new format throws time out the window, changing the league to become much more definitive with way less room for mistakes. Organizations no longer have the opportunity to slowly but surely develop their gameplay, instead, they need to be well-versed from the beginning. If the squad is not ready after week 1, they can easily fall behind others and ultimately miss their chances of a post-season campaign.

Now every single match is important to take the coveted title. With the recent unexpected example being Fnatic, as the legendary organization has officially fallen out of the group stage after an underwhelming start to their regular season. Even after bringing and starting Rekkles in their main lineup, Fnatic was not able to find their mojo quickly enough in this new cutthroat LEC environment.

With more exciting series on their way to your screen, the LEC seems to be reaching a new era that could create even more superstars, incredible matches, upsets, and ultimately memorable moments to enjoy. Other leagues that have failed the test of time might be looking to revive their viewership with a similar approach to the LEC, however only time will tell.

You can watch the 2023 LEC Winter Split group stage when they start on Saturday, February 11th.

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