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There Is A Golden Opportunity In Paris Major For NiKo

It doesn’t matter what ends up happening, NiKo will go down in history as one of the best CSGO riflers. But for a talent of his caliber, that will not suffice. The G2 star is presently missing out on the prize he most desires: a Major. With the announcement that the BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 will be the last CSGO Major before CS2 takes over the competitive arena, NiKo’s time is running out.

He only has one more opportunity. After a barren stint with MOUZ, NiKo’s time with FaZe Clan and G2 has resulted in a strong trophy cabinet, but runner-up at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 is the best he’s been able to produce in 11 appearances at Majors going back to 2015. More is at stake in Paris for NiKo, who does not want to be remembered as the best player to never win a CSGO Major. That will not suffice for a star of his caliber.

Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, player for G2 Esports
Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, player for G2 Esports

Make no mistake: NiKo needs the Paris Major trophy to cement his legacy as one of the greatest CSGO riflers of all time. He aspires to be in the same company as olofmeister, GeT_RiGhT, and coldzera, and it’s difficult to include him in that discussion without it.

He’s never appeared more determined to succeed. Until a surprise defeat in ESL Pro League Season 17, his G2 squad appeared to be a dominant force. Consecutive competition wins at the BLAST Premier World Final and IEM Katowice 2023 keep them as favorites in every match.

It’s a fantastic moment for them to hit unstoppable form. With G2 declining an invitation to the IEM Rio 2023, the Paris Major in May is their next event. All attention will now be directed toward preparing for the Major.

NiKo seen hugging the IEM Katowice trophy
NiKo seen hugging the IEM Katowice trophy

The hiatus could be both a boon and a curse. G2’s recent poor performances have all occurred after extended periods away from the server, with the squad needing time to recover from rust.

That cannot happen again if NiKo is to get rid of his demons in Paris. HooXi’s calls must be flawless, and m0NESY’s flicks must be faster than ever. Meanwhile, jks and huNter- must maintain their amazing consistency over the last six months. There will be no room for mistakes.

NiKo is not a guy who shows his nerves to the rest of the world. His reputation for being cool, calm, and collected precedes him, but if there are any nerves to be had, they will be on CSGO’s biggest platform, the Accor Arena. This G2 squad has come through when it matters most, with a few months where they seemed unstoppable. Only time will tell whether they can reach the final peak and cement NiKo’s position among the greats.

NiKo will have plenty of time to capture a Major in CS2 at the age of 26. Nothing, however, would taste sweeter than a decisive victory in Paris to cap off CSGO.

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