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These Are The 2023 Summer LCS And LEC MVPs

The mid lane pool has always been a little lackluster in North America, with several imports coming to the region to increase the competitive level. After a season, however, the top three mid laners from the LCS are pretty much locked in, with EG jojopyun, GG Gori, and C9 EMENES beating the rest both in terms of highest peaks and consistency.

The Canadian mid took the league by storm after gaining recognition as a solo queue prodigy back in 2020 and he’s probably going to be the greatest domestic mid lane talent in the years to come. Insanity had decent performances as well, but he’s only played this split so it’s hard to compare him to the rest of the mid laners.

Gori and EMENES, instead, are the two Korean imports. While the latter already made a name for himself as soon as he reached the NA region, Gori has convinced everyone performance after performance, leading Golden Guardians to the top of the LCS. He’s quite a flexible player and even though he might not be the flashiest player, you can be sure he will deliver when it matters.

With the LEC Season Finals approaching and teams fighting for Worlds, Riot Games announced today the winner of the 2023 MVP Award.

After playing for eight consecutive seasons in the LEC, G2 Esports support player Mikyx has finally won its first-ever MVP Award. Always considered one of the best European support talents and one of the most consistent players in the league, the Slovenian player finally earned an important individual award.

These Are The 2023 Summer LCS And LEC MVPs
Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle, player for G2

Mikyx came first in the voting, ahead of his two teammates Yike and Hans Sama. G2’s support player gapped everyone else with a total of 64 points, 24 higher than his jungler and ADC.

The results speak for themselves, however. After an unsuccessful 2021 season, Mikyx was dropped from the roster and found a new house with XL in 2022. His performance was overall solid, which convinced G2 to bring him back for the current season. And Mikyx has been delivering split after split.

It’s not that surprising to see him win the MVP Award: he got onto the All-pro teams in all three LEC splits this year and was ranked first in two of them. With these results, he’s now only behind Caps and Jankos when it comes to All-Pro nominations (both of them are at 13).

Just like their MVP player, G2 has been the most consistent team in the entire league, having won two splits and got a worst result of 4th. The streak of positive results allowed G2 to secure a seed at Worlds by winning one single Bo5 series against BDS. That said, G2 is definitely aiming for the title, which they ended up losing last season to Rogue.

On a positive note, the team has already locked a spot for Worlds, which means they will be heading to South Korea and face the other top teams on the Swiss stage. For Mikyx and the rest of the players, it will be an important opportunity to prove they are the best European team, and that they have the potential to fight against the best eastern teams.

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