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These Are The Best Junglers At MSI 2023

Jungle players are becoming increasingly important in both early-game activity and teamfight initiation as the meta favors coordinated plays over individual ones. Simply told, a competent jungler has the potential to boost a team’s potential by one or two levels, especially if they have the opportunity to empower and provide resources for elite carry players.

Although that may be an extreme claim, it has been demonstrated over the years that junglers do have a crucial impact on a team’s performance as a whole. Many League of Legends players believe that the jungler is the most broken role in the game.

These Are The Best Junglers At MSI 2023
Han "Peanut" Wang-ho, jungler for Gen.G

Gen.G – Peanut

Peanut is the ideal illustration of how certain players may succeed without having the highest stats. Peanut stabilizes his squad with his own steadiness and encouraging playstyle, while not having standout performances or particularly dazzling moments.

A player that excels at supporting and playing for his own squad while occasionally sacrificing his personal lead is exactly what Gen.G needs. It goes without saying that Peanut is among the greatest in this field. It’s hardly surprising that he participated in first blood at a rate of 48.8% and had the highest assist average throughout the LCK Spring Split.

However, this does not necessarily mean that Peanut can no longer play carry style; rather, he has simply modified himself to better fit the character of the team.

JDG – Kanavi

Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok, jungler for JDG

Kanavi has excellent statistics all around this year, especially the individual ones. He recorded the highest KDA (6.16), damage (per minute), and CS (per minute). Among all LPL junglers, he also had the second-highest damage share % and an average gold differential of 2,002. In contrast, Tian from Top Esports came in second place with a score of 849.

Kanavi is always a key component of the team’s early game, even though JD Gaming’s overall outstanding level of play may have artificially inflated these figures. He is one of the most adaptable junglers in the world because he can play all varieties at a high level. Kanavi will have the ability to lead his squad to JD Gaming’s first MSI trophy given the club’s strong roster.

T1 – Oner

Oner, who this season has played a similar role to Peanut in becoming a much more supportive player with sporadic carry moments, has been popping off less recently. Oner would likely do best to return to a utility role given the current iteration of T1. Zeus and Gumayusi have carried the team’s load thus far this season, and they most likely will at MSI.

The Korean jungler performed admirably throughout the normal split, earning the most first blood as well as experience and gold differentials at 15 minutes. However, he had trouble making the same impact during the LCK Spring playoffs, which is why he was ranked lower than Peanut.

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