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These Were The Best Players Of IEM Cologne 2023

There was no shortage of excellent teamwork at the tournament, but whose individual talents shone most in Cologne? To determine who should be named the absolute MVP of what could be CSGO’s last big event, we’ll be going over which players looked the best throughout the whole thing.

1. NiKo

Only one player may claim the title of best player at IEM Cologne, and that is NiKo. He put on a tournament performance at IEM Cologne 2023 that will go down as one of his best ever, reminding everyone why he is considered one of the top CSGO players of all time.

Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov, player for G2

NiKo has previously placed second in Cologne. It would have been simple to give in to anxiety and risk a similar performance. NiKo carried his side to victory in the Grand Final of the IEM Cologne 2023, and the match became a watershed moment in his career for all the right reasons.

At the conclusion of the tournament, NiKo was presented with the DHL MVP award to add to the IEM Cologne trophy he won. It’s difficult for us to argue with that evaluation.

2. m0NESY

IEM Cologne 2023 must have been better than m0NESY could have ever imagined. The trophy lift at the end was flawless. After receiving some criticism following the BLAST Premier Fall Groups, the young AWPer proved in Cologne why he is regarded as one of the finest CSGO players in the world.

The Baby GOAT was dishing out flicks that were impossible for a person to match. At IEM Cologne 2023, m0NESY played a total of thirteen maps, going positive on eleven of them. The consistency shown by m0NESY in winning yet another big trophy is impressive. G2 has a good chance of winning every time they get into the server if he maintains this level of performance throughout the remainder of 2023.

3. dev1ce

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind following IEM Cologne 2023 that dev1ce has returned to the ranks of the world’s greatest CSGO players. The famous AWPer played exceptionally well, leading Astralis to the Cologne semifinals with a completely new team.

After only two months of work on their new Astralis project, the team is already prioritizing dev1ce in their Semi-Finals. Very impressive indeed. Even if he didn’t win in the end, it was amazing to see dev1ce back where he belongs—on the main stage. There will be further developments in the future.

4. ZywOo

ZywOo has set such a high bar for himself, placing fourth on this list is a minor letdown. ZywOo is, without a shadow of a doubt, the finest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player in the world. He demonstrated this one again at IEM Cologne 2023, when he gave a flawless performance. ZywOo appeared to be smurfing in early matches against teams like OG and MOUZ.

ZywOo will be the first to admit that his performance in the Semi-Finals wasn’t up to his usual standards, despite the fact that he played well overall. As Vitality was eliminated from IEM Cologne 2023, he played well in the first two maps versus ENCE, but went 11:19 in the decisive map on Vertigo. If he could’ve somehow dragged his squad even further, he’d undoubtedly be higher up here.

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