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This Champion is The King of the Mid Lane in League of Legends


League of Legends meta changes a lot as the time passes, and the mid lane is the one that gets affected the most. This is due to the nature of the lane, because as a mid laner you have free access to every part of the map, making it much easier for you to adapt to whatever your team needs.

We’ve seen mid lane metas that revolve around having a lot of damage in the early parts of the game. That’s when champions like LeBlanc and Ahri might see a lot of play.

Sometimes mid lane is more focused on having strong scaling, this happens in metas where such champions are too strong and teams are forced to pick these champions. We’ve even seen support champions be the strongest mid laners of all, like Karma, Lulu, or Seraphine.

But every once in a while, we have champions that are able to do the perfect job. They have a lot of damage, provide utility, can roam, and scale amazingly into the late game. Azir pre-nerf and Ryze during one of his 30 reworks might ring some bells.

If you are a League of Legends betting fan, you need to keep an eye on these types of champions as they dictate the League of Legends competitive meta so it’s very important to notice them as fast as possible. And if you are a casual League of Legends player, using these champions will allow you to take advantage of their overpowered kits and have an easier time climbing the solo queue ladder.

Veigar, The Tiny Master of Evil.

This yordle fueled by pure evilness is one of the strongest mid laners in the current meta as he is able to clear waves without trouble, allowing him to roam and use his powerful stun to secure kills around the map.

Veigar scales freely into the late game as his Q allows him to scale infinitely. Veigar gains 1 ability power for every minion he kills with his Q, he also gains extra ability power every time he hits an enemy champion or scores a takedown.

The evil Yordle packs a punch and if he somehow manages to get an early lead, the enemy team will be forced to build magic resistances from the get-go, putting your ADC in a more comfortable spot.

Veigar not only provides an enormous amount of damage, he also has one of the strongest crowd-control abilities in the game. His E allows him to take control over every teamfight as his enemies are forced to either get stunned for 2.5 seconds or walk around the cage and put themselves in an awkward position.

Build flexibility is another of Veigar’s strengths, he can go for a full damage build or build more tanky if needed. It’s also perfectly fine if you go with the Predator rune, even if it isn’t much help during your laning phase, it will allow you to roam more efficiently.

How to Play Veigar

Compared to some of the other champions available in the mid lane pool, mastering Veigar is a piece of cake. Even if 3 out of his 4 abilities are skillshots, landing them is actually much easier than you might think due to the nature of Veigar’s kit.

First of all, you have your E which has an incredibly low cooldown, allowing you to combo your abilities perfectly. Secondly, you’ll be building a lot of ability haste which will allow you to spam all of your abilities, so it’s okay if you miss a few. Your mythic of choice is Everfrost, giving you even more tools to land your skills.

Now looking at Veigar’s laning phase, it’s actually pretty simple. Your main goal isn’t to stomp the enemy laner, although it’s possible, that’s not what you should be aiming for. Your main goal when playing Veigar is to get as many passive stacks as you can in the first few minutes. Once you have your tier-2 boots and a good amount of AP. It’s time to start roaming and giving advantages to your side lanes.

Veigar has free scaling and a lot of utility, so not taking advantage of this would be pretty bad. I know, most of the mid laners want to completely dominate their opponents and get 20 solo-kills. This isn’t necessary at all if you are playing Veigar, all you need to do is to survive the laning phase. Just surviving will give you the advantage in the mental warfare, because let’s be honest, there’s nothing more frustrating to play against than a Veigar that only focuses on farming, pushing, and doesn’t die.

When you head into the mid, your main objective is to play around your E, using it basically on cooldown to put enemies in awkward positions. If you manage to cage one of the enemy carries, you did your job. They’ll either have to flash or they’ll die. Sound too good to be true, right? Well, that’s how Veigar works.

Heading into the late game — assuming that the enemy team hasn’t surrendered yet — you want to keep exerting pressure on the enemy carries. If any of the important targets comes near your vicinity, then it’s game over for them. Veigar has the strongest outplay potential in his ultimate ability. His R is basically a one-click nuke that will send the enemy carry into the grave and they won’t have any way to avoid this.

He is now being picked and banned in pro-play. We already have pro players recognized for their Veigar plays. One good example is Cloud9 mid laner Jensen, who has managed to upset many esports picks with his Veigar pick.

People are starting to pick up on the potential of Veigar. If things keep going this way, Riot will be forced to nerf Veigar soon. So you better pick up on this champion and start climbing the ranks!

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