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This is how a CS GO professional team played 222 rounds in a single day

Even if it is rather normal to go into overtime in the CS GO competitive scene, one team took this to the extreme in a single day. On May 25th, Portuguese team SAW managed to play a total of 222 rounds in a matter of 2 series, shocking the community thanks to their resilience.

The Iberian based organization started their long day with a series against Movistar Riders and lastly versus 1WIN at the BetBoom Playlist Freedom 2023 and the ESL Challenger League Season 45, respectively. SAW played at total of 9 overtimes in both series, with the situation ultimately ending in a 222 round day, according to CS GO statistics website HLTV. SAW entered Overpass twice, plus single games in Nuke, Vertigo, Anubis, and Ancient.

SAW team badge

Of course playing 222 rounds in a single day is extremely exhausting for everyone involved, with the team averaging 37 rounds on each map. Sadly for SAW, they managed to win only the matchup versus Movistar Riders.

It goes without saying that playing 222 rounds in just one day must be exhausting, averaging 37 rounds on each map. Unfortunately for them, they only ended up winning the series against Movistar Riders, with the Portuguese meeting their demise against 1WIN while being eliminated from the competition.

Tier 2 is a tough environment for everyone involved, players grind incredible amounts of hours by participating in multiple tournaments within the same month in order to keep their organization afloat. A plethora of organizations compete in this esports ecosystem with some of them actually reaching Tier 1 status competitions thanks to their strong competitive spirit. Recently, in the last CS GO Major in Paris, the community saw a total of 4 Tier 2 organizations reaching the playoffs stage of the event: Apeks, GamerLegion, Monte, and Into the Breach. With GamerLegion even pushing themselves into the grand finals of the tournament.

Nevertheless, playing so many different tournaments can be extremely exhausting for teams, which is something that has been debated before by professional players. One recent example that caught a lot of attention was FaZe Clan’s Twistzz stating the following: “no shame in saying that I am exhausted”, soon after an early exit at the IEM Rio Major back in April.

FaZe qualified to the Paris Major through the RMR event in Copenhagen, barely 2 days before they had to fly to Brazil to attend the IEM Rio tournament, with the Brazilian event ending just 2 weeks before they had to attend the Paris Major.

Organizations are able to deny participation in events however the esports scene is a fast paced environment, where missing a single event can mean less income for all parties involved.

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