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This is how NA can get out of groups – 2022 LoL World Championship

Over the last couple of days, North American League of Legends fans have been through one of the region’s worst showings at the World Championship in the games history. The 3 NA LCS representatives at the event have yet to grab even a single win in the main event’s group stage, and with only a few games left, chances of advancing are lowering by the minute. But there are still a couple of different scenarios where all teams can actually qualify.

Evil Geniuses, 100 Thieves, and Cloud 9 have all been underwhelming in their respective groups, failing to find their mojo in the first series of games. The caliber at the event is higher than ever before, but each team has been absolutely bamboozled left to right, from early stomps to failing in game-closing moments. But over the upcoming games, each team will compete against their group enemies to ultimately decide who will advance to the playoffs stage.

Cloud 9 fan chearing for his team
Cloud 9 fan chearing for his team

-Cloud 9

For Cloud 9, only a full win day will suffice in their path to the next stage at Worlds. If they lose even 1 game on Thursday, October 13th, they will be absolutely eliminated from the competition. Being technical, they need to win all 3 games to force a tiebreaker match to qualify for the playoffs, no matter who wins or loses in Group A. There is also a scenario where a three way tie happens, if Edward Gaming only wins against Fnatic, Fnatic only takes down T1, and T1 only wins against EDG while Cloud 9 go 3-0 as mentioned before.

-Evil Geniuses

EG has a little bit more leeway when it comes to advancing into the playoffs, while also having a chance that they could get into the next stage without entering a tiebreaker. The only situation where they could lose a game is if they only lose against JD Gaming, while JDG wins every single one of their games, G2 Esports only beat DWG KIA, and DWK loses all three matches.

-100 Thieves

In a similar fashion to EG,100T has the exact same chances as EG for qualification. There is only one situation where they drop 1 game and still qualify through entering a tiebreaker: 100T only lose against Royal Never Give Up, Royal Never Give UP wins every single game, Gen.G loses all 3 games, and CFO Flying Oyster only beat Gen.G in their matches.

North American viewers know they are in a dire situation. But these squads will need all the support from the local community as they hold for their Worlds spot when the second half of the group stage starts.

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