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This Is What Happened In EPL S18 Group D

The English Premier League Group D tournament finished Sunday, capping off four weeks of nonstop CSGO action. As the Playoffs for the final S-Tier CSGO competition approach, we take a look back at the previous Group to see who advanced.

One of the most unexpected outcomes of ESL Pro League Season 18 occurred in the EPL Group D Upper Bracket. One side, G2, as expected, advanced to the quarterfinals. However, Complexity tied for second place with them.

This Is What Happened In EPL S18 Group D
Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski, player for Complexity

The public’s impression of Complexity was not favorable before the competition. They haven’t done much to impress the server since the summer when they added EliGE.

Here, though, they looked unfazed, adopting a fresh strategy that allowed them to sweep both Eternal Fire and Cloud9 without giving up a single map. What they’ve been doing in practice seems to be paying off nicely. You would expect them to advance even further if their Round of 12 opponent was not Fnatic or Monte.

Virtus.pro overcame obstacles to finish third in EPL Group D, putting them in the Lower Bracket. Though they very certainly would have qualified, Virtus.pro might have been picked for any of the four available Playoff berths.

A third-place finish may be unjust for Virtus.pro, who were serious contenders throughout the entire tournament. The only team to beat them was G2, and even that game was tight. Despite Jame and his team’s lack of recent LAN participation, they proved that they have plenty to offer the greatest CS:GO squads.

The ESL S18’s Group D’s Last Chance Bracket was ridiculous. It came as no surprise that both 9INE and Lynn Vision departed early. Another disappointing loss for the Cloud9 superteam poses questions that have yet to be adequately addressed.

Along with them, Team Liquid‘s foray into Europe ended in failure. In the press Liquid oSee made some statements before EPL Group D began, and he assured that his squad would make the playoffs at the very least. Again, their early bedtime leaves us wondering how they’re feeling right now. Both of these squads have the potential to be among the finest CS:GO teams in the world. If things don’t start looking up, people’s patience will wear thin quickly.

The winner of the Last Chance Bracket was ultimately Eternal Fire. There’s a lot to admire about the squad, and their match against Astralis will be a great litmus test. There’s no reason they can’t go even further in ESL Pro League Season 18 with XANTARES avoiding his onliner-only reputation, MAJ3R’s expertise proving beneficial, and Wicadia playing like a prodigy.

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