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This Was The Biggest Misplay Of VCT Masters Tokyo

In the month following the conclusion of the 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour season, spectators were able to take in the year as a whole, expanding their perspective to take in some of the year’s most memorable events. All the players joined in, but the Paper Rex squad just had two months left before the end of the season, and they had one play in mind that would characterize their Masters Tokyo run.

Recently, Patiphan “CGRS” Posri and Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto reflected on their overtime victory over NRG on Pearl, in which their substitute player and content creator took advantage of a significant misplay to win the round and, ultimately, the series. Depending on whose team you backed, it was either excruciating to watch or incredibly exciting, but either way, it was undeniably one of the most memorable events of the year.

This Was The Biggest Misplay Of VCT Masters Tokyo
Jason "f0rsakeN" Susanto, player for Paper Rex

Paper Rex’s premier duelist Ilya “something” Petrov was unable to make the trip to Tokyo for the June 2023 Masters Tokyo tournament, so CGRS filled in. He fit in well with the club and contributed effectively, but his defining moment was a game-winning play when all hope seemed lost. CGRS killed Sam “s0m” Oh of NRG in a one-on-one situation as time was running out, giving them the round victory in overtime.

At the outset of the play, S0m had the situation almost completely under control by hiding in his Harbor Cove. CGRS, however, was cognizant of it and thus ran into the cove, swung out, and concentrated on the corner.

S0m should have fled away, but instead he ratted an angle and timed his next move so poorly that he missed his Shorty shots and was killed just as the round was about to go into overtime.

CGRS announced his retirement from Paper Rex on September 11 after his disappointing performance at Tokyo. Either way, he left his mark by matching his teammates’ aggression and capitalizing on the opposition’s misstep. Even after the season ended and the Champions were decided, the VALORANT esports team included this incident in a film featuring professional players’ reactions to memorable scenes from the Masters Tokyo.

CGRS and f0rsakeN may re-visit a moment that they both found humorous at the time. However, the public finally got to hear their views on the matter. Even though he knew what s0m would do, he was still directing the play for CGRS to rush from the sidelines.

As a content creator, I knew that s0m was going to do something like this,” f0rsakeN remarked. “I was sure he was planning to do something like this. We may potentially lose the map if we lost that round. After that, our spirits were lifted, our momentum was restored, and we’ve just conquered the map”.

The fact that Paper Rex signed CGRS more as a content creator than a replacement explains why he will “remember that forever,” as he put it. After that, F0rsakeN chimed in: “I think it’s a nightmare for s0m, too,” which prompted some lighthearted banter between the two competitors.

Although there were other notable misplays at Masters Tokyo and throughout the 2023 season, it’s hard to think of one that does as much for and against particular fan bases as this one did. NRG was a team that could never achieve higher than fourth place and here they lost to a team that was forced to use a sub.

Their best chance at advancing far in a major international tournament in 2023 rested on that one play, and it may have been this gaffe that prompted them to make changes during the winter.

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