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Top 5 Players In 2023 LEC Summer Season

The League of Legends European Championship will resume with the start of the 2023 Summer Split. There have been some changes during the mid-season break that are sure to shake things up as fans prepare for another explosive farewell.

Several players have shown in the past two tournaments their value and their importance to the team. These next five players shine most through a combination of their individual mechanics, their perception of the game, and their impact on every game they play.

Top 5 Players In 2023 LEC Summer Season
(PHOTO) Juš "Crownshot" Marušič, ADC for Team BDS

1. Team BDS – Crownie

For those who have been following LEC for a while, surely know how Crownie deserves to be in the league. The Slovenian ADC has always been a talented player who was often stopped by the teams he played for, but this year’s BDS team finally gave him a team where he can shine and show his true worth. its own.

Despite not being able to win the LEC Spring title, Crownie is still the most stable AD carry in Europe 2023 so far. He may not have been the most explosive performer (Hans Sama), but Crownie was the mainstay of his team, ensuring he could lead his team to the finish line. If the BDS team can maintain the same growth rate as last season, then BDS could be one of the championship contenders for the Summer Split.

2. Vitality – Photon

Even though Vitality only finished 4th last season, Photon was still the most consistent top laner. He delivered consistent performances and was a big pressure point for the team. He topped various stats, especially individual stats like Gold per Minute and CS per Minute.

If Vitality wants to qualify for the LEC Finals and get a spot at Worlds 2023, they’ll have to rely on Photon again and put him in a position to be the carry player. The top laner pool is competitive, so it’s going to be hard to stand out from the crowd, but if there’s one person who can do it, it’s Photon.

3. Mad Lions – Elyoya

Top 5 Players In 2023 LEC Summer Season
(PHOTO) Javier “Elyoya” Prades Batalla, jungler for Mad Lions

Elyoya continues to be the main player when it comes to European Jungle Pool. Although MAD Lions had a bad performance at MSI 2023, the Spaniard is still delivering top-notch performances and he is considered one of the few who can truly match the players from the west. Winter.

What makes Elyoya such an amazing player is his ability to maintain relevancy regardless of the meta and form of his teammates. If you see MAD Lions being successful, it’s mostly because Elyoya has worked wonders. He can play enabling champions and put his teammates in the carry position, or he can play aggressive and agile junglers to give him the lead.

4. Mad Lions – Nisqy

With the mid lane meta of the season being so limited, it was hard for players to show their worth as they were often forced to play support with mostly utility picks. And when it comes to playing for his team, Nisqy is probably one of, if not the best player to do so in the LEC.

He’s not the usual 1v9 player you might see from someone like rime Caps, but you can be sure he’ll do everything in his power to give his teammates resources to return to the game. Nisqy became a much-needed carry player, showing how much more he has improved over the course of the season.

5. G2 Esports – Mikyx

Hylissang was supposed to take the top support spot in the LEC Summer Split, but Mikyx’s late performance convinced me to push him to the top. Hylissang still had a better game, but he still had too many “Hylissang” moments that got him relegated to first place. On the other hand, G2’s support player did a great job during the laning phase and teamfights.

Mikyx has played an important role in the overall performance of the team so far, especially when it comes to mid-to-late game, setting up the playstyle and doing a good job defending his run. If we see G2 win because of their macrogame, it will most likely be thanks to Mikyx.

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