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Twistzz dismisses rumors of FaZe roster shuffle CS GO

Roster shuffle period

Several organizations are currently in the lookout for the next big player in order to revitalize their squad in the roster shuffle period, especially with Counter Strike 2 coming soon. However FaZe Clan is not one of these organizations as suggested by current member Twistzz, even after an underwhelming ending to their CS GO year.

An early exit at the IEM Rio Major back in November and no titles since their ESL Pro League season 17 trophy was not enough to disband the EU roster. Twistzz clarified in an HLTV interview during the BLAST Premier Spring Final’s on June 7th that both the organization and members are comfortable with the state of the team.

Twistzz dismisses rumors of FaZe roster shuffle CS GO

FaZe rifle main Twistzz via HLTV interview:

No changes” “Everyone enjoys playing with each other and we have great team chemistry, and it’s something we’re not gonna take for granted.

Rumors surrounding possible changes to FaZe Clan’s CS GO squad have been running for a while, especially after rain’s vacation due to his childbirth back in January. On top of that, FaZe has one of the overall oldest lineups in the competitive scene, it is not necessarily a bad thing however fans were expecting to see a revitalizing move to hopefully shake their recent results.

As for rain, the Norwegian AWP main stated he would continue to play professionally moving into Counter Strike 2 soon after extending his contract with FaZe.

FaZe’s overall trade history has not been kind to them, with a plethora of questionable decisions and signings in the past still biting them back. Cutting ties with karrigan back in December 2018, pushing NiKo into an in-game leader role, was one of the strangest decisions the community has ever seen. This change did not yield positive results with the squad missing several top placements in Majors, until karrigan returned in 2021 plus RobbaN sitting once more in the head coach seat.

Nevertheless, recent signings including a youngster (at the time) in ropz, showcased a different philosophy for the European team. On top of that, the signing of Twistzz marked one of the first instances of an EMEA squad bringing the services of a North American player. Thus it is fair to say FaZe has come a long way since their roster woes in their early years within CS GO.

FaZe is one of 8 total teams to attend the $425000 BLAST Premier Spring Final, set to start this week and hosted in Washington, D.C. This might be the last test the current roster has to survive in order to stay together moving into Counter Strike 2.

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