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Twistzz goes to Team Liquid

What every Liquid fan has been waiting for, Russell “Twistzz” Van Dulken, who left the team almost 3 years ago, is now formally a Liquid player. He became the sole player to win both his second Intel Grand Slam and a major during the period before leaving for Europe and teaming up with FaZe. The 24-year-old has had a tremendous career, and he is now playing with Keith “NAF” Markovic on an American squad again. As part of Liquid’s massive makeover, Wilton “zews” Prado and Casper “⁠cadiaN⁠” Møller have also joined the fold; zews was in charge of assembling the new lineup. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!


Twistzz goes to Team Liquid
Twistzz goes to Team Liquid

Regarding Twistzz, he has a strong background coming from FaZe Clan. At the time of his leave, HLTV regarded it as the world’s top squad. After entering the team in 2021, Twistzz won 9 championships, including the 2022 Antwerp Major, and was a key contributor to its success. In addition, he is the first player to have won multiple Intel Grand Slams; his first victory came in 2019 with Team Liquid.

Despite the ups and downs of the club as a whole, Twistzz has always performed well on every lineup he has been a part of. He emerged as one of the top-20 players in 2018 and 2019 at Liquid, having earned two MVP awards. Expectations are high for him upon his return to Team Liquid, especially in light of the recent performance of the CSGO section of the NA organization.

The Liquid of today differs greatly from that in the past. The squad has lost Nick “nitr0” Cannella, Jake “Stewie2k” Yip, Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski, and others for a lengthy time. With a Brazilian, a Latvian, a Dane, and, for the very first time in Liquid’s history, not a sole American player, the lineup has been redesigned. Twistzz’s decision to sign with Liquid is not without heartache. Supporters of FaZe were recently spotted calling on him to stay in public; in China, some of them even carried posters pleading with the Canadian to reconsider his choice during the CAC 2023 competition.


With NAF about to celebrate 5 years of cooperation with the team, 4 of the 5 members having several years of expertise. Skullz is the least experienced player; his signing was made public on December 4. The Brazilian rifler has failed to establish himself in the European scene, despite his strong performance with paiN Gaming in the Americas.The new roster is anticipated to fare rather well in the elite scene, despite the roster probably going through some growing pains. During 2022, the foundation of NAF and YEKINDAR finished in the top 8 multiple times, with a 5th place performance at the Paris Major. At least Liquid supporters have the mental toughness to persevere even if the team struggles.


The only member of Team Liquid’s original squad still playing is Keith “NAF” Markovic. After Felipe “skullz” Medeiros, a Brazilian rifler, signed with Team Liquid, the 2 Canadians will be a part of an entirely fresh squad headquartered in the Americas. With no games in December, the team will have some time to get ready for the 2024 campaign.


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