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Two underrated players that could make a difference at IEM Katowice 2023

One of the biggest events in the CS GO calendar year is IEM Katowice, which is about to start soon. Poland will once again host this incredible tournament for all fans of the region and at home to watch. As a whole, Katowice is one of the cornerstones of competitive CS GO, being one of the earlier tournaments teams go to, it will showcase which team will come swinging straight out of the gate.

Similar to previous editions, the champions will receive their trophy at the Spodek Arena, which will host the playoffs stage from February 10th to the 12th. Back in 2022, on sight fans experienced one of the most exciting best-of-five series between FaZe Clan and G2 Esports, which showcased the former grab their first trophy of the year.

Two underrated players that could make a difference at IEM Katowice 2023
Two underrated players that could make a difference at IEM Katowice 2023

Through the next couple of days, FaZe will have the opportunity to keep their title and thanks to that claim the Intel Grand Slam season four as well.

Now with the stage and history set up, today we will take a look at 2 players that we think will be pushing into stardom through this tournament. Both of these players are rather underrated and will look to finally perform at the highest level of competitive CS GO.


Headtr1ck’s case is interesting to say the least for this tournament. The youngster played in a couple of S tier events as NAVI’s active substitute, however this year he will be a full starter for Ninjas in Pyjamas. The aim prodigy has already played his first event under the NiP brand during BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, but IEM Katowice will be his first true test against the best of the best.

NAVI Junior has been able to produce incredible talents, such as M0nesy. With headtr1ck being the latest one, and even being picked by 7 professional players as 2023’s future pro star in HLTV’s predictions.

This will be the perfect time for the youngster to fulfill promises and take the next step in his career.


Buster was unfortunately out of the CS GO competitive scene for half of 2022 after his benching during the PGL Antwerp CS GO Major. Nevertheless, he is back in full swing after being signed by Cloud 9, a team that has what it takes in the roster to take the trophy.

Buster is not your typical flashy/clutch player, however he is one of the keys for teams to actually succeed at top level. His style of play is focused on lurks and incredible utility usage, which is what Cloud 9 currently needs to round out their mechanical roster.

A lot of CS GO fans and viewers are eager to see Buster’s overall influence within the Cloud 9 squad during IEM Katowice 2023.

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