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Tyloo Removes MIBR from IEM Cologne 2022 After Marvelous Showing from DANK1NG

TYLOO have eliminated MIBR from the 2022 IEM Cologne’s play

After a tremendous series, TYLOO have eliminated MIBR from the 2022 IEM Cologne’s play in stage following a reverse sweep in the first round of the lower side bracket yesterday.

TYLOO has definitely underperformed in most of the previous S Tier tournaments they have attended during their competitive lifespan, most notably pulling a series or two out of lower bracket teams. Thus nobody expected an upset against a mid table organization such as MIBR. Nevertheless, something is certain in the world of CSGO betting sites. Once you plug in your equipment, sit on stage and log to the live server, anything can happen.

ZhengHao “DANK1NG” Lv, player for TYLOO
ZhengHao “DANK1NG” Lv, player for TYLOO

This has been the biggest upset in the $1 million prize pool CSGO tournament so far. The Chinese team have definitely failed to impress in basically any other major-tier international competitions throughout the season and most notably were able to miss the PGL Antwerp Major held earlier this year.

However, TYLOO today came absolutely swinging and pulled off an unexpected victory for the APAC CSGO regio,n all thanks to a marvelous performance from their current star player ZhengHao “DANK1NG” Lv, who switched on after his side lost Inferno with a 16-5 scoreline to MIBR in the first map of the series, thus facing possible elimination having their backs against the wall.

DANK1NG was TYLOO’s fragging charm in the next two maps played of the series, which were Overpass (16-5) and Dust II (16-10). The Chinese AWP main, managed to play a crucial role in the reverse sweep process, finishing with a solid 57-41 K/D, better than anyone else in playing in the server, including MIBR’s own AWP main Breno “brnz4n” Poletto, who tried his absolute best to match DANK1NG’s performance and save his team from elimination on the last map, Dust II.

With this unexpected victory over Brazilian representatives MIBR, TYLOO has advanced to face their next challenge MOUZ Esports later in the same day, where sadly they were eliminated. As MOUZ Esports won both maps: 16-7 and 16-11, wherein the second map the audience did hold their breath waiting for another possible reverse sweep. The winner of that match would progress to IEM Cologne’s coveted main stage, where eight of the best teams in the world wait patiently to find out who they are competing against. The loser, on the other hand, will be knocked out of the competition.

Unfortunately for all the Chinese CSGO betting fans out there, TYLOO ended up dropping their series against MOUZ in a 2-0 fashion, though the CSGO odds clearly projected this outcome. Now the Chinese team has to wait for the next big event to have a chance at proving themselves against the best in the world.

As for MIBR, this defeat sadly means their first half of the season is over. As disappointing as it might be, there are no more tournaments to compete in before the summer player break begins, to try and bring back better results. This upset will leave a terrible and long sour taste in their mouths since they let their early map and pressure advantage slip against a team that is not used to competing at such a level and in as many S tier tournaments as them.

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