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Upset showcases dominance after LEC comeback under Vitality

The 2023 LEC Spring Split is continuing at a fast pace. With 2 weeks already gone and 1 more to go, the best European League of Legends squads are set to battle and prepare for their last opportunity to secure a spot in the next stage. However, this time around, we are going to take a look at one player who has absolutely demolished the competition with consistent incredible showings throughout his comeback to the competitive stage.

Team Vitality’s superstar bot laner Elias “Upset” Lipp currently ranks 1st versus all LEC players with a 12.4 KDA, recording 30kills, 32 assists, and a mere 4 deaths, according to League of Legends statistics website Oracle’s Elixir. However what is most impressive right now is his ability to boast those statistics while being the bot laner with the least jungle proximity in the league, plus grabbing the 2nd lowest average share of his team’s resources in their last 6 games.

Upset showcases dominance after LEC comeback under Vitality
Upset showcases dominance after LEC comeback under Vitality

Last season was a rollercoaster of emotions for Upset, with him being away after getting benched by veteran and returning star at Fnatic, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson. Soon after the first split was over, he was able to find a spot in Team Vitality ultimately being a key piece for their current 4-2 record.

Some people were not expecting the bot laner to come out swinging immediately, but he was able to find success and synergy with German native superstar support Kaiser. Together, Kaiser currently records the 2nd most assists in the LEC plus the highest KDA out of any LEC support this season. Their main advantage is lane dominance, the dynamic duo has been able to find ways to gather rather large gold leads in the early game without much jungle proximity or set plays around them.

As a team, Vitality has been able to adapt to Upset’s early game playstyle, but mostly creating an island for the duo to create their own pressure while the rest of the team focuses on giving Perkz the advantage.

As a whole, Upset has proven himself once again, showcasing that his talents are more than enough to fight against the best in the region. His mechanical prowess has become more consistent and will definitely be a deciding factor for Vitality’s rise or fall in this split. If the squad manages to advance from the group stage, Upset will need to improve his gameplay even further as the caliber of teams in the near future might pose a threat for Vitality.

You can watch Upset and company back in action when the LEC returns on March 25th at 12pm Central Time.

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