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Uzi dominates in his LPL return

It is an understatement to say League of Legends fans around the globe, especially in China, were eager to see Uzi back in the Summoners Rift. With a fan even climbing a tree to see if the greatest ADC the LPL has ever produced was in fact practicing with EDG. After retiring back in 2022 due to health problems, Uzi made his official return in the LPL Summer Split under the EDward Gaming brand on June 14th. Most fans expected a slow start from the former superstar, however Uzi went ballistic in his opening matchup of the season against Invictus Gaming.

EDG’s bot lane swap was sort of forced due to recent controversy involving their former bot lane Hu “Leave” Hongchao, who recently received the Rookie of the Split Spring award. After several days of negotiations, EDG decided to push for Uzi’s signing, in a move that would hopefully positively affect the squad both in and out of the game.

Uzi dominates in his LPL return
EDG Uzi signing picture via social media

Uzi’s performance in week 3 of the LPL Summer Split gave EDG their second win of the season after defeating IG 2-1. Even if EDG is still ranked in the lower half of the table, Uzi’s guidance and experience might be enough for EDG to make a push for a playoff spot. On top of Uzi’s knowledge, former world champion Meiko brought out Yuumi to fully support his new bot laner’s endeavors.

Uzi’s Aphelios showcased once more the veteran’s mechanical prowess, with IG using every single tool at their disposal to kill the hyper carry. Nevertheless, the rest of EDG was free to hit back thanks to the distraction coming from Uzi.

IG’s mental fortitude was put to the test, and in game 2 they were able to setup a better composition to deal with Uzi’s approach. With a better scaling composition this time around, IG was able to win game 2 against a more passive EDG side.

Then game 3 came around, and Uzi opted for the hyper aggressive bot lane of Lucian plus Meiko’s Milio, with the duo bringin absolute mayhem to the rift. The early game was handled by EDG’s bot lane, however their top laner Ale was the one to close things out in incredible fashion. Somehow Ale’s Sion was able to outdamage even Uzi’s Lucian by the end of the game, ultimately taking game 3 in their favor.

Uzi’s return might be the start of something special for EDG, who now should have a reliable bot lane to pair with the other stellar members. Nevertheless, the path to the top is incredibly tough with Uzi’s performances just being the start of it. The true test will come in with their next series, as Uzi will face Gala in his upcoming series versus LNG Esports on Saturday, June 17th.

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