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Vitality Dominates Heroic In IEM Rio Finals

After an almost flawless run through the competition, which included a spectacular comeback against Cloud9 in the semi-finals, the predominantly French-Danish superteam won their first significant title on April 23 in front of an arena crowd in IEM Rio by defeating Heroic 2-0. The BLAST Major is currently the focus of attention as the stakes in CS: GO competitions continue to grow.

The location of Vitality’s heroics against Cloud9 in the semifinal, Vertigo, was chosen for the series. The bees buzzed to a 7-1 lead and won the first half 8-7, then stabilized at a two-round deficit after dropping the pistol round. This time, no miracle comeback was required to clinch the victory, even though things did get a little tighter in the end. The final score of 9-11 was as good as it got for Heroic, who could only muster two more rounds as Vitality built a nearly impenetrable defense with Magisk at the top of the rankings.

Dan "apEX" Madesclaire seen lifting the IEM Rio trophy
Dan "apEX" Madesclaire seen lifting the IEM Rio trophy

Inferno was a tale of the Frenchmen, just as Vertigo focused on the Danes. Apex, the in-game leader for Vitality, who concluded the first map with a 0.2 rating and a 13-19 K/D, turned up a noteworthy individual effort in addition to ZywOo’s excellent AWPing to help the team secure a comfortable 10-5 advantage on the CT side and take the series lead.

Despite TeSeS and sjuush’s and Heroic’s struggles in the fragging department, Heroic did manage to battle back, winning the first round and then five of the subsequent seven matches to square the score at 11-11. However, a change in Vitality’s pace permanently changed the course of the match, leaving cadiaN and company defenseless against their foreign rivals’ extra-spicy attack. After trading two rounds of battle, Vitality took the next two to defeat the Danes back-to-back, breaking their economy. From that point on, they never looked back, winning IEM Rio.

ZywOo received the MVP award
ZywOo received the MVP award

The two players who performed the best during the tournament were ZywOo and Spinx, and the team’s cohesiveness and mental toughness have never been greater. That being said, both teams should benefit from this event as they prepare for the BLAST Paris Major, the last CS:GO esports competition before the switch to CS2 really gets going.

When asked about his teammates recent performance, ZywOo said the following: “It also meant a lot since it relieves stress on my shoulders because I don’t have to think “I need to perform, I need to perform” every time, every round. It’s a fantastic feeling to know that because I know my teammates can put in some solid rounds as well, so it’s ideal.

It was abundantly evident that Heroic and Vitality were the best-performing teams at the event; nonetheless, apEX and company are especially in fantastic condition right now despite the hundreds of matches that they had to play in recent weeks, and there is no doubt that they will be looking forward to playing in the Major on (mostly) home territory.

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