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What Can We Expect From Gaimin Gladiators For The 2023 Season

Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators, who narrowly defeated Team Spirit, were the unexpected winners of the BetBoom Xmas Show. Not just because they were up against the International 10 Champions themselves that this came as a surprise, on top of that, Spirit previously won a series against GG. The Gladiators’ dominance throughout the tournament, which hinted at a strong showing in the upcoming season, is the most significant finding.

After they were defeated in the upper bracket, Gamin Gladiators were able to snatch the series from Nemiga and square off against their old adversary.. When they got to face Spirit, Gaimin seemed to have learned a lot since their previous encounter, since the Lina ban is constant throughout the finals’ five games.

Quinn "Quinn" Callahan, player for Gaimin Gladiators
Quinn "Quinn" Callahan, player for Gaimin Gladiators

Lina was being picked by Team Spirit for their newest member, Larl, who had a significant impact on the hero. Sure, a ban on using a single hero may seem extreme, but Team Spirit’s weakness is their rookie player.

Larl was consequently more successfully respect-banned than any of the TI10 champions’ recognizable heroes. Gaimin Gladiators is a relatively new team that made its debut in the first half of 2022,. They immediately established a reputation as a promising powerhouse.

During the DPC 2022, Gaimin went through an emotional rollercoaster. Team Liquid, the top WEU contender, was defeated by them in the first Tour of DPC 2022, giving them the crown. After placing a respectable second on the second tour, they received a significant invitation to the ESL One Stockholm 2022.

Given that OG had Sébastien “Ceb” Debs filling in for them, losing to them and finishing in fourth place wasn’t too bad for GG, considering the latter ultimately took first place at the major. Despite Gaimin Gladiators finally losing the third Tour, they had already accumulated enough DPC points to receive a direct invitation to the TI11 tournament.

Making their TI debut in their first year of competitive play is, all things considered, a remarkable accomplishment. Furthermore, eighth place at TI11 isn’t all that horrible. If anything, it serves as a compelling example of Gaimin’s consistent playstyle, which is effective against competitors like PSG Liquid, BOOM Esports, and LGD who routinely execute meticulously prepared fights.

Following the Betboom Xmas Show, Gaimin’s next goal is the Dota Pro Circuit 2023, an event for which they have front-row seats. Possibly the most eagerly awaited competitive scene to witness is the Division 1 bracket of the DPC 2023 Western European region. where the current residences of the top three TI11 champions are located and where they will be competing in the upcoming season.

Quinn “Quinn” Callahan, aka CCnC, a formidable mid-player deserving of everyone’s respect has just joined the team. His first time competing for a WEU team will undoubtedly be a significant departure from his typical North American adventures. Quinn already performed admirably in NA, so we have high expectations for him to go above and beyond.

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