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Which are the worst Dota 2 heroes at the Bali Major

Dota 2’s meta fully changed since the New Frontiers update back on April 20th of this year. Patch 7.33 came with a plethora of balance changes and most notably a reworked map, meaning the competitive scene would showcase brand new play styles and strategies at the Bali Major.

A small taste came at the DreamLeague Season 20 event right before the Bali Major, where the best teams were able to test some of their compositions and theories. Favorites have already started to stand out, however we are going to take a look at heroes most thought were going to be strong but fully flatlined at the Bali Major.

Dota 2 hero Lina

1. Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light’s performance in the series between BetBoom Team and 9Pandas had viewers hopeful that the hero found himself back in the meta. However KotL quickly started to struggle when compared to other heroes within his role.

The support has not managed to settle within the role as other heroes are able to come online earlier in the game, while also providing the same if not better utility. At the Bali Major, supports that are able to provide crowd control have been heavily favored, as the stun nerf has indirectly created demand for other forms of CC.

2. Lina

Lina’s fall from grace came immediately after Patch 7.33. Right before the Berlin Major, Lina was considered the best carry hero within the game, however IceFrog tuned her down to oblivion.

Lina has always been an all-in hero due to her massive damage output with a focus on scaling. The fire mage immediately fell down the mid lane picking order, as her laning phase is not as strong as it used to be while her scaling potential is now ironically outscaled by several other mid laners. During the Bali Major Lina holds a 50% win rate with her being picked only 4 times during the entire group stage.

3. Muerta

Muerta’s relevance has been a roller coaster, when she was first introduced in Patch 7.32e the hero was extremely weak as a carry, later she received a plethora of buffs which turned her into a fully overpowered hero.

Sadly for Muerta players, Patch 7.33 introduced heavy nerfs to her kit in order to pull her down from the top of the charts. Over-nerfing is the main reason for Muerta’s quick decline, as most Dota 2 cores have been able to outmatch her in every sense since the nerfs.

4. Queen of Pain

Similar to Muerta, Queen of Pain has been hit with a plethora of nerfs since 7.33, even if they were smaller nerfs they quickly stacked up to the point it fully affected the hero’s competitive viability. Fans were expecting QoP to be one of the best heroes within the meta, but unfortunately it ultimately became a subpar option when compared to other nukers.

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