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Which were the best North American events in CS GO history?

CS GO recently held its last Valve sponsored event, the BLAST Paris Major, placing a closing point on what has been a 10+ year Major journey. It was somewhat of a weird feeling watching the last official Major event for CS GO, however Counter Strike 2 promises to be a more than worthy successor to the franchise’s competitive scene. This history will allow us to reflect back upon incredible tournaments, and today we are going to take a look at the 2 best Major events held in North American soil.

  • ELEAGUE Major Atlanta 2017

The Major that convinced everyone Astralis was the best CS GO team we have ever seen, the core players were able to make a name for themselves and establish an era of Danish supremacy.

Which were the best North American events in CS GO history?

Before the tournament, Astralis was considered to be one of the biggest choke teams in the competitive scene, losing early leads and not finishing close matches. However a single game against the og Virtus.pro lineup was enough to turn things around.

The Atlanta Major grand final was as close as it could get. A nail biting first game on Nuke showcased yet again a struggling Astralis, as the Danish team lost 16-12. The second game was a repeat story with Astralis losing a 13-9 lead on their CT side at Overpass, but against all odds they did not choke and finished Game 2 16-14.

Now it was time to close things out, and Astralis showed incredible mental resilience against a stumbly Virtus.Pro at that point. Map 3, Train, started with VP recording a 7-0 lead on their T side, a map well known to have the best CT side of the game. Everything was looking bleak for the Danes, and then they were able to string 6 rounds in their favor arriving into a 13-7 deficit. Astralis fans were leaving the venue, and sadly for them, they missed the biggest CS GO Major finals comeback in history, with Astralis winning the grand finals to claim the trophy.

  • ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018

Now, this tournament is even more legendary than the previous one due to its implications in the future of CS GO. The upset that happened in this Major is one if not the biggest unexpected result in CS GO history.

FaZe Clan, at the time considered the best team, easily pushed to the grand finals of the event hoping to get their hands on the title. However their opponent was one nobody expected to see at this stage of the tournament, Cloud 9.

The North American squad has always been able to produce decent rosters, but similar to other NA organizations, nothing even close to winning a Major title outside of Team Liquid. This would mark Cloud 9’s first and last appearance in a CS GO Major final, and they had to face the best team in the world.

Look at the time” is a sentence that brings goosebumps to any NA CS GO fan. Shoutcaster James Bardolph said the iconic phrase while Cloud 9’s superstar Stewie2k solely defended FaZe Clan’s last chance at Inferno’s B Site. This play forced overtime on the last map of the series, and now the momentum was entirely on Cloud 9’s side. Needless to say, with the crowd behind them Cloud 9 closed the series to win NA’s first Major title.

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