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World Champion Coach Might End Up Teamless for 2023 Season

Even though it’s only been a few weeks since League of Legends spectators got to see DRX lift the Summoner’s Cup after one of the most exciting Cinderella runs in the League of Legends World Championship history. But acquiring such an historic title might not be enough to remain relevant in the scene as DRX’s head coach is apparently struggling to find a new team for 2023.

The team’s head coach Kim “Ssong” Sang-soo just confirmed his contract with the team expired after the last matches of Worlds 2022, and he revealed that he hasn’t found a new organization yet.

Kim “Ssong” Sang-soo, former coach for DRX

The 33-year-old coach, who is carrying a lot of experience, was a key member of the squad and he was constantly outdrafting his opponents to give his players a better chance at victory. Not only that, but the improvement that DRX did show throughout the past 3 months was huge, and in big part it’s due to their coaching staff.

I have confidence to win Worlds again in 2023 with any team if they are desperate to win,Ssong stated on social media. “The new meta in 2023 will require creative but strong draft, which all the players and coaches should discuss and prepare.

The head coach thinks that he couldn’t find a new organization in time just because of how long the team had to remain in North America for Worlds. Let’s not forget that not only did they reach the furthest stage of the tournament, but the team remained in North America for a few extra days.

While Ssong and the team were battling for a championship, all of the other teams in the Korean region ended up finding their new staff from the many teamless team-leaders currently on the market.

He said that he even looked for new roles, including reduced salary in the hopes of securing a job for upcoming 2023 season, but due to “unfortunate circumstances,” the various discussions Ssong had with some organizations didn’t get to anything. This just shows how coaches are generally treated in the scene.

It’s crazy to see that the worlds-winning players didn’t struggle at all to find a new team, while the head coach is potentially going to be left out next season.

In the past, Ssong found a lot of success across the globe, spending plenty of time working for multiple major esports organizations like ROX Tigers, CLG, TSM, and Immortals, before eventually landing a gig with DRX this past year.

Even though the squad didn’t take home an LCK trophy, and were heavily judged due to their under-performance throughout the summer split, barely making into top-6, they quickly became an underdog story that built up a huge fan base over the course of Worlds.

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