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Worlds 2022 Pick’em – Information and rewards

With the League of Legends 2022 World Championship on the horizon, the Play-In Stage and Group Stage brackets have been decided, and all spectators can participate in the Worlds Pick’em action.

Fans will have a chance at unique rewards this year if they guess the brackets of the tournament correctly. There are Crystal Ball picks this year, and you can make plenty of outrights before the event kicks off.

Worlds 2022 kicks off on September 29
Worlds 2022 kicks off on September 29

Each team and bracket you accurately predict will earn you a certain amount of points. The more points you have by the time the tournament concludes, the better your chances will be at receiving rewards. The choosing of seeds will be split into two parts for the group stage and knockout brackets so participants have two different chances to fill out their brackets and secure prizes.

The LoL Worlds Pick’em 2022 round one locks on September 29th right before Worlds ’22 kicks off. In our Worlds Play-in breakdown, we took a glimpse at the teams poised for success in the tournament and which teams will most likely perform well in the World Tournament Main Event. The teams that will be eligible to be picked for the Worlds Pick’em 2022 are the top-tier teams from Europe, China, Korea, and North America duke it out for international supremacy.

Crystal Ball Pick’Em

The Crystal Ball is the outright esports betting equivalent given by Riot Games for their Pick Em challenge. You are given a chance to select the overall winner of Worlds 2022 outright, and if you do so, you will be awarded extra points at the end of Worlds. Crystal Ball picks are already available, and you can select your winner right now. For us, Top Esports is going to be our selection for the Crystal Ball Pick’em Challenge.

The Coin comes back for Worlds 2022

The Coin was a new addition to the Worlds 2021 Pick’em challenge. If you fail to select winners or picks for a certain stage of the event, the Coin will do it for you. The selections will be random, based on no particular metric, meaning picks will be wacky and all over the place. However, it will enable you to always join late in the challenge and still be able to earn rewards.

Worlds 2022 Pick’Em rewards

League of Legends Worlds Pick’em bears a similar resemblance to fantasy esports in that most fans can still participate in the competitive result aspect of League of Legends.

The LoL Worlds 2022 Pick’em seems to make a lot more sense for fans who want to get their foot in the door on competitive League of Legends betting formats. The skills it takes to have an elite bracket within a Worlds pick’em are just as valuable for these other sites as well.

For each lock-in phase successfully executed, each player will be awarded small blue essence awards. The Crystal Ball pick will award you 300 BE, while Group Stage locks will earn you 500. For locking in any full stage picks, you will be awarded with 1000BE and a Hextech Chest + Key combo to utilize in the craft section of the league client.

With the single most important tournament of the year starting soon, make sure to check the rest of our content as we’ll be covering the tournament and sharing our esports picks with you!

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