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Xtreme Gaming take home the Elite League

Chinese teams are back to ruling the Dota 2 scene after a quiet two years. With an impressive 3-1 victory over Team Falcons, Xtreme Gaming is carrying on the tradition of Azure Ray being the ESL Kuala Lumpur champions. Xtreme Gaming won Games of the Future in February, so this is their second trophy of the year. As of right now in 2024, they are tied with the Falcons for the most tournament wins. Check out this information and more of our articles to help your dota 2 betting adventures!

Xtreme Gaming began the Elite League in the group stage rather than the Swiss stage since they were one of the eight competitors who were directly invited. They were assigned to group B, where they would face BetBoom, Aurora, Tundra, Gladiators, and Liquid. They drew with five opponents and defeated Blacklist International and Aurora. Their record made it abundantly evident that they had what it took to do well in the postseason. But few thought they would prevail. They lost the first upper bracket match versus Team Falcons, which contributed to some people’s doubts about their chances. The games were entertaining to watch, especially the second one, and the final score was 2 to 0. In the first, the Falcons quickly gained control of the map and had a 7000 gold advantage by the fifteen minute mark. However, at the 20-minute mark of the second game, Xtreme had a huge lead—nearly 12.000 gold. However, after nearly an hour of play, they lost everything and were vanquished after several really awful fights. They were dropped and placed in the lower bracket, where they needed to win three straight games to advance to the championship game.

Xtreme Gaming take home the Elite League
Xtreme Gaming take home the Elite League

The return of Ame, the Chinese Dota 2 icon, signaled the formation of the most recent version of Xtreme Gaming at the end of the previous year. Rejuvenated by the addition of Ding “Dy” Cong from the previous Xtreme lineup and new players from Azure Ray, the team rose to prominence in the Chinese Dota 2 scene very quickly. Despite their patchy performance in international competitions at the start of 2024, their triumph at Games of the Future 2024 showed their potential in comparison to other Chinese competitors. Although the team did well enough to finish in third place at DreamLeague Season 22, many people chose to ignore them while the Falcons stole the show.

Even so, Team Falcons continues to be without a doubt one of the top Dota 2 teams in the world. They have raised expectations for their performance in the Elite League with their back-to-back championship victories at BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 and DreamLeague Season 22. By no means does a 2nd-place finish imply poor play from the Falcons. All eyes are on their prospective rematch for bragging rights, though, as both teams get ready for the forthcoming ESL One Birmingham 2024. However, take note that Malr1ne, a vital player for the Falcons, might not be able to play because of continuous delays with his visa.

With Xtreme’s win, the world knows that China is once again a dominant region in Dota 2.

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