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Xyp9x joins MOUZ as Assistant Coach

The German organization has announced that Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth, a former player for Astralis, has been appointed assistant coach of MOUZ. The 4-time Major champion has been practicing with the group for a few days and will support Dennis “sycrone” Nielsen, the head coach, during PGL Major Copenhagen. The 28-year-old, who was kicked off the club in April 2023 when Alexander “Altekz” Givskov was promoted from the academy, spent almost a year on the Astralis bench before turning to coaching. He continued to play as a stand-in for Astralis Talent for 2 months, playing his last game on June 9 in Sprout’s CCT North Europe Series 5 loss. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!


Xyp9x joins MOUZ as Assistant Coach
xyp9x on stage with former team Astralis

Xyp9x was a member of one of the most prosperous teams in the history of CS:GO. He shared 4 Counter-Strike Global Offensive Major victories with his teammates. Xyp9x has a long and distinguished career and has won over $2 million in prize money. He is renowned for his calm temperament and methodical approach. By the end of 2023, Xyp9x started considering writing a new chapter in his career. Several teams contacted him as word got out that he was considering making the switch to coaching. A few of them even made him an offer to become head coach. Xyp9x took some time to adjust to this new aspect of the game before taking on the role of head coach. Despite having a solid foundation from studying under Danny “zonic” Sørensen for nearly 6 years during their time working on Astralis, he will have the opportunity to learn under sycrone, the third-best coach of 2023.

Xyp9x, one of the most recognized players in Counter-Strike history, provides stage experience, which is much needed by MOUZ’s team. The squad appeared like they would make it to the final at IEM Katowice last month after winning their group, but they faltered when they got to the arena and had to play FaZe in the semi-finals. For the time being, Xyp9x will help Synchro with “structure and analytics.” The remaining details will be worked out as they proceed and observe how the collaboration develops. His switch to coaching will undoubtedly surprise a lot of people. He was, after all, always the quiet guy on his teams, the humble man who finished rounds with steely resolve. He has never had experience managing a group of people.

There is no timeline that Xyp9x has provided for his move to become head coach. He is overly preoccupied with living in the moment, seizing the chance he has been given, and advancing his coaching career. But his ultimate objective is to develop into the best coach in the history of the sport.

On March 21, MOUZ will participate in the Elimination stage. To make it to the Playoffs, they must finish in the top 8. The inaugural Counter-Strike 2 Major boasts a noteworthy $1.25 million prize pool. It’s one of the greatest tournaments of the year and with 24 teams, it is anticipated to be a very close and very competitive event.

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