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Yay officially signs with Disguised, playing at VCT Challengers

The highly anticipated signing for Disguised Toast’s VALORANT squad has at last been officially confirmed. Superstar free agent yay is set to be a starting member for Disguised going into the second split of the VALORANT Challengers North American tournament. With both Toast and Disguised fans extremely excited for what the North American will bring to the table.

Toast released the official announcement minutes before his “Pros vs Noobs” event, where he showcased both yay and tarik battling against a team of content streamers with the likes of: Toast, LilyPichu, Sykkuno, Hasan, and TinaKitten. Yay will join forces with the starting roster after the departure of Drake “Exalt” Branly, while substitute Chris “riku” Piasecki filled the missing gap for the rest of Disguised’s 1st Challengers season.

Yay on his old team OpTic
Yay on his old team OpTic

Toast did previously make a tease around the situation which the community disregarded as a joke, mainly as nobody expected a superstar player such as yay to play in the VCT Challengers league. However now we know he was not lying when he posted back on April 1st that yay was going to join the squad, something he briefly mentioned during an appearance at the VCT Americas stream before. Some members of the VALORANT community thought this was a reality thanks to one major factor, the soft roster lock had officially finished for VCT Americas, with no signs of yay being a member of squads within it. As some expected, yay will walk the Challengers path to continue playing competitive VALORANT in 2023.

Yay became a free agent after an underwhelming and brief playing stint with Cloud 9, however it is important to clarify that his performance did not dip, as the whole squad around yay was not able to accommodate him in a preferred role. Before signing with North American juggernauts Cloud 9, yay grabbed the spotlight as one of the best mechanical VALORANT players in the world during his 2022 run under OpTic Gaming. As an OpTic player, yay showcased his incredible shooting with Jett and Chamber, becoming the superstar that helped the squad win VCT Masters Reykjavik and push into the world championship grand finals at Champions 2022.

As for his new team, Disguised have finished with a top 8 result in the first split of VALORANT Challengers NA. They finished exactly 8th in the split itself, then recorded top 8 in the mid season Face Off stage. As of the moment, they own 7 circuit points under their shelf in 8th place, which is barely enough to avoid starting in the lower bracket of the event if the playoffs started soon. The VALORANT Challengers NA second split is set to start on April 18th.

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