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Zven to return to competitive LoL

Rumor has it that Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen will return to the LCS scene as Dignitas’ new AD Carry on a multi-year deal. LEC Wooloo is the source of these rumors. As a result, the Swedish marksman’s retirement, which began when he left Cloud9 in 2023, will come to an end. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

This transfer is an important addition for Dignitas, who hope to qualify for the World Championship, as well as a symbol of Zven’s return to professional competition and his previous role as an AD Carry.

Zven to return to competitive LoL
Zven playing with his former team Cloud9


Competitive comeback

Zven is one of Western League of Legends’ most successful AD carriers with four LEC and four LCS championships to his name. In their LCS history, the Danish great has also racked up the most pentakills. The Danish athlete has played for a number of esports teams throughout the years, including G2 Esports, SK Gaming Prime, Origen, and TSM.

Fans from throughout the world are familiar with Zven. The athlete first gained notice in 2015 when he signed with Origen and advanced all the way to the World Championship’s Top 4. Zven was a successful AD carry who first made waves in the European LCS with G2 Esports and then in the North American LCS with Cloud9.

Zven has won three European and three North American awards during his career, and he has qualified for six separate World Championships. Zven decided to move into the Support position in the middle of 2022 after AD Carry Kim “Berserker” Min-cheol was hired by Cloud9. Zven won his final LCS trophy last year despite this shift in his role. But Zven declared by the end of 2023 that he will take up his previous position again. Even though Zven was unable to find a team that fit his needs during the previous offseason, he is now ready to rejoin Dignitas as an AD Carry.

He intends to go back to his roots as he takes Frank “Tomo” Lam’s spot in the AD carry position. On May 8, Dignitas acquired top laner Licorice, a seasoned player who was sidelined during Golden Guardians’ sudden LCS withdrawal.


Dignitas’ hopes of being strong

It will be simpler for Dignitas and Zven to work together before the split because Jonah “Isles” Rosario, a player that has story with the AD carry for Cloud9 in 2022, is paired with Zven. The squad will probably rely once more on eXyu and Dove to provide game-winning performances in the league, in addition to their bot lane and Licorice in the top lane.

Zven offers a plethora of knowledge and a track record from his stint with elite teams in both Europe and North America, so his return could drastically upend the LCS landscape. Dignitas is hoping to do well in the Summer Split as they continue to add players to their roster with the addition of Eric “Licorice” Ritchie and new coaching personnel. Zven’s arrival might be the catalyst for the team to reach new heights by assembling a highly skilled lineup that complements his experience.

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