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ZywOo extends contract with Vitality

Star of Vitality Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut will remain with the French team through the end of 2026 thanks to a new contract he inked. The French AWPer will be crowned the “King of CS” and seated on a throne fashioned from in-game weapons as part of a special celebration Vitality has organized for today in front of the Eiffel Tower to commemorate this renewal. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

Although the contract’s financial details were not made public, the publication claims that the salary is more than €100,000. This entails a minimum yearly income of €1.2 million, excluding extra bonuses for placing first in competitions and selling stickers. The gem of Vitality is ZywOo. After catching up to s1mple, the French sniper won his third prize as HLTV’s best player of the year in 2023. It’s all the product of perseverance; ZywOo has been the team’s main motivator for years. Vitality’s action demonstrates their dedication to assembling a formidable squad around ZywOo, who is regarded as one of Counter-Strike 2’s most gifted players. The 23-year-old AWP player was instrumental in the team’s recent triumphs, which included taking home the BLAST Paris Major 2023 title.

ZywOo extends contract with Vitality
ZywOo competing on stage for Vitality

ZywOo continued to grow as a person and as a player. The 23-year-old was quite quiet and reserved when he first joined Team Vitality. In matches, he was the life of the party, landing kill after kill, but he claimed that conducting an interview was more difficult than winning matches. His inability to speak English fluently contributed to his lack of confidence during interviews. But ever since Vitality made the decision to expand internationally and signed Emil “Magisk” Reif and Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, ZywOo has had to adjust and get better at English. ZywOo eventually got the hang of speaking proper English, even though it took some time for him to adjust. The Frenchman stopped refusing interviews after learning this new skill, and the community started to approach him more. Even though Herbaut is the best of the best, he is renowned for being incredibly modest and grounded. He never talks trash or brags about his abilities. It’s nearly hard to be against him.

Vitality’s recent dominance has been fueled by ZywOo, possibly the greatest AWPer to have ever graced the game. Vitality is supporting ZywOo by giving him a contract extension, helping them to assemble a championship-caliber team that will rule the league for many years to come. Although there have been many recent changes to Vitality’s lineup, ZywOo and apEX continue to be the foundation of the squad. The team has been led by the seasoned veteran apEX for years, but ZywOo consistently outperforms everyone with his unbelievably accurate stats and pinpoint accuracy.

ZywOo’s long-term commitment to Vitality is said to have been enticed by an alluring package that matched his star power and skill. There was conjecture regarding possible profit-sharing agreements comparable to those utilized by T1 and Team Liquid. Fabien “Neo” Devide, Executive President of Vitality, declined to comment on specifics but acknowledged that ZywOo’s new agreement is one of the richest on the market.

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