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100 Thieves vs Evil Geniuses Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds, Picks & Predictions

2022 LCS Spring Split Grand Finals

The defending LCS champions will be taking on Evil Geniuses in the LCS Spring Split finals held in the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. 100 Thieves come into the series after taking down Team Liquid in the winners’ bracket semifinals after 5 back-and-forth games. Evil Geniuses have their biggest challenge yet, they have to defeat 100 Thieves, the team that hasn’t lost a single series so far in the playoffs, but Evil Geniuses is carrying a huge momentum after winning three best-of-5s in a row.

Evil Geniuses came into the playoffs as one of the weaker teams, but they have shown a lot of improvement over the past weeks. Their teamfighting expertise is one of the main reasons why Evil Geniuses came out on top against the strongest teams in the playoffs. 100 Thieves, on the other hand, have arguably the best lineup when it comes to having strong laners. Abbedagge and Ssumday are the strongest solo laners we’ve seen so far in the playoffs according to League of Legends betting experts, and they can carry 100 Thieves almost by themselves.

Kyle "Danny" Sakamaki, ADC for Evil Geniuses
Kyle "Danny" Sakamaki, ADC for Evil Geniuses

Closer is Performing Well in Key Moments

During the regular split, Closer didn’t perform as we were expecting. He had some issues regarding his over-aggression and positioning a lot of times, which forced his teammates to be in awkward situations. But that’s a thing of the past, Closer has been performing well over the expectations and he became a key part of 100 Thieves’ win condition. His participation on Jarvan during their series against Team Liquid was exceptional, and even if he didn’t have the best performance in the fifth game, Closer’s early game aggression is something to keep an eye on.

On the bottom side of the map, FBI and Huhi still have a lot to prove. Even if they managed to play better as the series against Team Liquid progressed, it won’t be enough if they want to be a relevant factor against Evil Geniuses. We still remember the FBI from a couple of splits ago where he was absolutely dominating the bot lane, but now, FBI is relying more on his teamfight execution rather than stomping the opposition in the early game.

Evil Geniuses Wins Their Games Through Pristine Teamfighting

We saw Evil Geniuses completely roll over Team Liquid in the losers’ bracket semifinals, and it was mostly because of their teamfighting prowess. Let’s be honest, Evil Geniuses are not the most reliable when it comes to having a solid laning phase, they often lack an early gold lead control over neutral objectives, but they compensate in the later stages of the game. They draft pretty standard compositions, but they make sure to not have any clear weaknesses in their drafts, making it hard for the enemy team to focus on a specific part of the map.

Danny will the key player to watch in this series. Against Team Liquid he scored a baron-steal and a penta kill, and that was the highlight of the series. It will be very important for the top side of Evil Geniuses to not give a huge early advantage to the 100 Thieves lineup. If for any reason EG falls behind, it’s going to be hard for Danny to perform well in teamfights. We’ll have to see Evil Geniuses focusing their drafts around their top and mid lane to avoid any big matchup disadvantages.

100 Thieves vs Evil Geniuses Game Information

Date: Sunday, April 24
Time: 3:00pm ET
Live Stream:

100 Thieves vs Evil Geniuses Predictions

100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses didn’t face in the playoffs prior to this series. But during the regular split, 100 Thieves took down Evil Geniuses twice in a very convincing fashion. Fortunately for EG fans, the team has evolved quite a lot throughout the whole split, so we can expect a different result in the upcoming grand finals as stated by the lol odds.

I think 100 Thieves have very clear strengths and weaknesses, their early game, and side lane control is arguably the best in the league. But they have shown a lack of ability when it comes to identifying the right time to fight over neutral objectives. This will be their demise against Evil Geniuses, the most prolific teams when it comes to picking skirmishes and fights in the mid to late game. I think Evil Geniuses’ momentum is going to take a big part in this series, and that’s why I think Evil Geniuses will come out on top and take the LCS Champion title home and become the North America representative for the 2022 MSI. We’re going against the favorites in today’s selection for our esports picks so let’s see how that turns out!

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