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100 Thieves vs NRG Predictions, Game Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

NRG’s Fate is in 100 Thieves Hands

In this match, 100 Thieves will have the opportunity to eliminate NRG from playoff contention. It’s sort of strange to see NRG in this position considering how dominating they looked in the first week of the group stage. But their match against TSM was the only one they’ve been able to win, which means that losing this match would be fatal for them. If we are being completely honest, NRG didn’t show any signs of life in their most recent match against Ghost Gaming, where they only won 11 rounds throughout the entire series.

On the other hand 100 Thieves has shown a strong performance throughout the group stage as they have dropped only one match. They already beat XSET, a team that already secured a playoff spot after recently winning against The Guard. The worrying thing for the Thieves is that the match they lost was against TSM, although it’s safe to say that TSM overperformed against the esports odds. Now 100 Thieves will try to finish the group stage in the best form possible because after this match they still have to play Ghost Gaming, a team that’s currently on the rise.

Ethan "Ethan" Arnold will face up against 100 Thieves, his former team
Ethan "Ethan" Arnold will face up against 100 Thieves, his former team

Let’s check the esports bets, news, reports for 100 Thieves vs NRG.

Ethan is Playing Against His Former Team

Ethan “Ethan” Arnold was one the deciding factors in NRG’s only win over TSM as finished the series with a +12 kill differential and 160 ADR, granting him the MVP of the series. The now-retired CSGO professional player had such a good run with the Evil Geniuses organization CSGO roster, but since last year’s stage 3 masters, he’s been unable to find the same type of success. But if we look at his performance as of recently, he might be just enough to score a win against his former team, 100 Thieves, if things go extremely well for the NRG roster.

The thing is that some members of the team have been constantly underperforming throughout the whole group stage, which makes games much harder to win for NRG. Especially Tex and S0m, who finished their last series against Ghost Gaming with a -10 and -17 kill differential, respectively. NRG’s issues are a mixture of poor individual performance and inability to find the right play style that suits them. They are now in a life-or-death situation and this will be their last chance to prove that they are a team worthy of getting into the playoffs.

100 Thieves Roster Changes Are Coming to Fruition

Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk is the longest standing member of this roster
Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk is the longest standing member of this roster

Back in April, 100 Thieves made very significant changes in their roster. They added Derrek, Stellar, and Will, to increase their chances of getting a spot in the Stage 2 NA Challengers, and they managed to do so after winning the 2nd open qualifier. In their last match against XSET, Will finished the series with a +18 kill differential and a whopping 200 ADR, which makes it very clear that he is one of the main reasons for 100 Thieves’ recent success. If the new trio manages to keep putting up a good performance like they’ve done so far, 100 Thieves might be one of the strongest teams in the playoffs.

The team captained by Brenden “Stellar” McGrath dropped their second encounter of the season against TSM, one of the teams currently sitting on a 1-2 score, which might raise concerns for some esport betting experts. The thing is that TSM clearly played way above the expectations and they haven’t been able to replicate that performance, and on the other hand, 100 Thieves clearly shrugged the loss off and convincingly took down XSET in the following week.

100 Thieves vs NRG Game Information

Date: Sunday, June 5
Time: 4:00pm ET
Live Stream: VALORANT – Twitch

100 Thieves vs NRG Predictions

There is no doubt that 100 Thieves is the favorite team of the match and the esports odds clearly indicate it. The only thing that NRG got going for them is that this match will be the most important one so far, which might make them perform over the expectations. That or they end up completely crumbling due to the importance of this encounter.

If 100 Thieves manage to play their games as usual and the players are feeling comfortable, I don’t see them dropping a single map. Will has been playing exceptionally well and the rest of the Thieves carry enough firepower to simply outplay their opponents, making it safe to say that 100 Thieves will end up scoring a win in their books.