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All Knights vs Team Aze Predictions, Game Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

All Knights is Far From Being a Last-Place Team

After a last-place finish in the spring split, the Knights decided it was time for a new leaf and completely revamped their roster. We all remember the 2019 and 2020 season when All Knight had their best splits as they reached multiple finals. They even managed to become the LLA champions in the 2020 spring split, although they didn’t get to represent LATAM on the international stage as the 2020 MSI was canceled due to COVID restrictions.

Now they brought in strong reinforcements in the jungle, mid lane and bot lane. The top lane was the only spot where All Knights couldn’t find a replacement, although it wouldn’t be crazy to think that they believe in Zothve’s potential as he showed glimpses of hope throughout the spring split.

All Knights vs Team Aze Predictions, Game Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks
All Knights square off against Team Aze in the 2nd day of the season

The Knights will have to face up against a Team Aze that is looking to show their supremacy as they reigned the region last split, though many League of Legends betting experts believe that their MSI attendance might end up hurting them instead of benefiting them early on in the regular season.

Aloned Struggled Against Every LLA Mid Laner

Tomás “Aloned” Díaz Valiente, Mid Laner for Team Aze

Yes, Team Aze managed to get the Spring Split title, but it was clear that Tomás “Aloned” Díaz Valiente was the weakest link by far. It’s not often that we see the champions of a league have such a discrepancy between their players.

Aloned struggled against every single mid laner during the spring split, and while he wasn’t necessarily losing his lanes, he was far from being a deciding factor in Aze’s victories. The summer split will be his opportunity to prove that Aze didn’t make a mistake by keeping him on the roster instead of going for an already proven player.

Luckily for Juan Dimitry “Dimitry” Hernández González, who is Aze’s jungler, he has other lanes he can play around. Both Lonely and 5kid are strong enough that if Dimitry gives them any kind of lead during the early game, they’ll be able to single-handedly put Aze in the winning position.

The worrying thing for Aze this split is that some of the strongest teams brought in reinforcements in the mid lane, like Ophelia and Mireu, so it’s going to be interesting to see how they’ll adapt to this.

Is Crash The Real Deal?

Lee “Crash” Dong-woo, Jungler for All Knights

While All Knights might have been unable to perform in the past couple of splits like they’ve done in the past, we can be sure of one thing. Every single Korean import that joins the Knights ends up being some of the best players we’ve seen in the league.

Parang, and Alive, just to name a few, but now is the turn for Lee “Crash” Dong-woo to prove that AK made the right move. Crash was last seen playing for Fenerbahçe Esports in the TCL 2022 Winter, where he finished 7th.

Many League of Legends betting experts would agree with me when I say that Crash was the best performing player in the Fenerbahçe lineup. Luckily for All Knights, they brought in enough reinforcements so even if Crash ends up underperforming, it’s safe to say that they’ll be able to get a much better placement compared to their last-place finish last split.

We’ll have to keep our eyes on the jungle matchup for this game as Dimitry is a jungler that likes to neutralize his counterpart, and if Crash isn’t used to the pace that Dimitry plays on, he’ll end up being a liability for his team.

All Knights vs Team Aze Game Information

All Knights vs Team Aze Predictions

Team Aze might face some issues during the first few weeks of the regular season because they still have to recover from their trip to the MSI. It’s not rare to see the teams that win the spring split unable to repeat the feat in the summer split as they more often than not, don’t make roster changes due to their success in the prior split.

The thing is, I don’t think that All Knights is aiming for finding success early on in the split and rather they are focused on the long run. Baula and Leza are very smart players, they know how to perfectly develop themselves within a team, though that will take them some time. That’s the main reason why Team Aze will have the upper hand in this match and will end up coming up on top against the Knights.

With this we finish our ESports picks of the LLA for the opening week, stay tuned because we’ll keep covering the most exciting matches in the following week as the LCS and LEC begins!

Pick: Team Aze to win

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