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Bad News Eagles vs 00 Nation Prediction, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

Bad New Eagles might give a Pleasant Surprise at Rio

The Bad News Eagles were one of the most positive stories of the last Major. They started their journey in the open qualifiers and made it all the way to the legends stage, where they exited the competition with an 0-3 record after putting some more established teams in trouble. The global community took note and BNE quickly became a fan favorite for their explosive style of play and candid interviews. This time around they come into the tournament with a much higher reputation and teams are unlikely to be caught off guard by their unorthodox style of play.

Bad News Eagles is one of the most energetic and passionate teams in the CS:GO scene. Their raucous celebrations and candid interviews, usually led by juanflatroo, have given the community insight into their passion for the game and their competition. Relentless aggressiveness is the essence of the Bad News Eagles when they enter the server, somewhat similar to their loud and animated personalities outside of the server.

Flatron "juanflatroo" Halimi, player for BNE
Flatron "juanflatroo" Halimi, player for BNE

An aggressive style of play marked the essence of the early days of Bad News Eagles, but their game has since evolved to be more competitive against the best teams in the world. This change allows Bad News Eagles to return to a more default-heavy playstyle, making them much more difficult to exploit than before. It also changes their style to a more conventional one, with the potential to unleash chaos still.

One of the most recent examples of their resilience came in RMR’s decisive series against forZe, in which the Kosovar team came from 11-4 down in Ancient to clinch their place in the Majors. “We’re known as a comeback team, we’ve made hundreds of them. When we get into that feeling of the game, we know we’re going to fucking comeback,” said juanflatroo. They are definitely an exciting team to watch on opening day, and 00 Nation will have to be careful against them.

Can Taco and Coldzera bring 00 Nation to the top?

Marcelo "coldzera" David, player for 00 Nation
Marcelo “coldzera” David, player for 00 Nation

In July 2016, coldzera and TACO lifted the ESL One Cologne Major trophy. It was their second in just a few months, and their team Luminosity/SK completed a feat of consecutive Majors that only fnatic had previously achieved. Under the leadership of Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, they had broken the stranglehold that European Counter-Strike had on tier-one tournaments to become the team to beat.

Coldzera was the best player in the world. TACO was his partner, his site anchor on the CT side and his entry fragger on the T, a player whose place on the scoreboard was irrelevant on a team that knew his value. In 2017, their duo remained as potent as the year before, as SK battled FaZe for the number one spot, and coldzera retained his place as the number one player in the Counter-Strike world.

In fact, coldzera may still be the highest-ranked player of all time at the Valve Majors, but it’s unlikely they’ll reach their previous average of 1.25 rating in Rio. But unfortunately for them, neither coldzera nor TACO have averaged more than 1.00 rating in the short time they have been together. At 00NATION’s only major event together so far, IEM Cologne in July, it was dumau rifle who showed the highest peaks, most notably in a 45-kill performance against Liquid in a map one victory for the South Americans.

Overall, the young fragging power core has clear potential to grow, with TACO at the helm and coldzera transitioning into a secondary support and leadership figure. It is this mix of experience with young talent that sets 00NATION apart from its friends and rivals at Imperial. Coldzera and TACO are giving back to the scene that nurtured them. They are bringing new talent to life, providing them with the experience and know-how that can only come from two-time Major champions.

Bad News Eagles vs 00 Nation Match Information

  • Date: Monday, October 31st
  • Time: 9:00am ET
  • Bad News Eagles vs 00 Nation Live Stream: ESL_CSGO – Twitch

Bad News Eagles vs 00 Nation Prediction

The most important thing to consider about this match is that it’s a best-of-1, which changes completely the way these two teams will play. While I think that this mostly will benefit BNE due to their explosive and unpredictable playstyle, I don’t think that 00 Nation is the easiest team to exploit.

This means that we’ll have a very close match between these two teams, and even if 00 Nation starts on a positive note early on, I don’t think that BNE will give up easily due to their unbreakable resilience, so I think that the map will go the long way.

The IEM Rio Major is about to kick off, so make sure to stay tuned as we’ll be sharing our esports picks with you! Don’t forget to bet on esports at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino. We’ve plenty of CSGO odds for you to consider.

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