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Beastcoast vs Infinity Predictions, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

Beastcoast is Looking to Dominate the South American Tour 3

Against all the esports odds, Beastcoast and Thunder Awaken, who were the two South American representatives at the major, reached an impressive top-6 finish. Now after a very exciting run at the ESL One Stockholm Major, Beastcoast is now back at the DPC South America to take over the competition.

It’s safe to say that Thunder Awaken is the only team capable of giving Beastcoast a run for their money. This will be their first match of the season and they couldn’t have asked for a better opponent as Infinity is currently in one of their worst forms we’ve seen from them.

Beastcoat reached the Stockholm Major top 6

Infinity arrives at this match after a very disappointing run at the BTS Pro Series Season 11, where they lost two series in a row at the playoffs and ultimately ended up getting eliminated very early on.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Infinity perform well at any regional tournament, and considering how strong Thunder Awaken and Beastcoast are looking, it would be a surprise to see them qualifying for the upcoming PGL Arlington Major that’s occurring in August.

Infinity Had an Unlucky Ending at the Pro Series Season 11

After achieving a top-4 finish at the BTS Pro Series Season 11 Group Stage, Infinity would have to face 4 Zoomers in the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals, and they weren’t necessarily the underdogs. The last time Infinity had to play against them, they were able to sweep them in a very convincing manner.

They faced each other during the group stage and 4 Zoomers were clearly in an uncomfortable position as Infinity simply rolled over them in their series. Even though 4 Zoomers has been considered a better team than Infinity in the past, things were looking different for Infinity this time.

It was quite unexpected to see Infinity struggle the way they did in the playoffs. They couldn’t secure a single map against 4 Zoomers, even though they tried very different strategies in both games. Infinity almost made a significant comeback during the 2nd game after they had a couple of successful fights.

But they were unable to capitalize on the enemy mistakes and 4 Zoomers ended up closing the game after bouncing back into the game as they recovered from their deficit with ease.

Beastcoast Aims for a Top-2 Finish

Beastcoast and Thunder Awaken are the best South American teams

Let’s face it, in reality it doesn’t matter if you finish 1st or 2nd in the DPC South America, because in the end, both places secures you a spot in the major. As long as Beastcoast is able to maintain the form they had during the ESL One Stockholm Major, they’ll simply dominate the weaker teams and secure themselves a top-2 finish.

In the end, I still think that Thunder Awaken would be the better team over them because let’s remember that TA didn’t drop a single match in Tour 2. But that might change as the season progresses as Beastcoast already proved that they can upset many esports bets.

During their last major run, Beastcoast took down teams like BetBoom Team and Team Spirit in a very convincing manner. It was somewhat unexpected considering that it’s rare to see South American teams defeat the best teams in the world.

Although Gaimin Gladiators exposed many of Beastcoast’s weaknesses, I think that they learned many valuable things on the international stage, and that will be more than enough to take over the South American region.

Beastcoast vs Infinity Game Information

  • Date: Friday, June 10th
  • Time: 6:00pm ET
  • Beastcoast vs Infinity Live Stream: Twitch.com

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Beastcoast vs Infinity Predictions

Beastcoast was one of the two teams that didn’t make a single roster change during the off-season, the other one being Thunder Awaken. And it makes a lot of sense, they were the teams who performed the best in the last tour. Infinity did make a couple of roster changes but they already played with this lineup during the last BTS Pro Series Season, which means they are not in an uncomfortable position.

It’s more than obvious that Beastcoast is the clear favorite for this match and the esports betting prove this. Infinity doesn’t have the right tools to defeat a team like Beastcoast, who comes off after a recent successful run in a major event.

The last time these two teams played against each other, Beastcoast completely dismantled Infinity in a 2-0 manner, and I think that the same thing will happen this time.

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