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Damwon vs LSB Predictions, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

Even though the 2022 LCK Summer Season playoffs are over, we still have plenty of Korean League of Legends action left. The Regional Finals are going underway and the stakes are at an all-time high, making this a very exciting tournament for all the League of Legends betting fans around the world. Damwon, Liiv SandBox, KT Rolster, and DRX are fighting for the two remaining LCK Worlds spots available.

Finishing 1st grants the team a direct pass to the Worlds’ main event, while the team that finished 2nd gets a spot in the play-in. While competing for all the way through the play-in means there is a chance of missing the main stage, it’s safe to say that even the 4th strongest LCK team is far better than the rest of the teams competing in the play-in.

Liiv SandBox fans last week in the LoL PARK

Today we’ll be going over the Damwon vs LSB series, which is a very exciting matchup as we saw during the regular season. We’ll be checking the lol odds and going over which team is the strongest heading into this series, so without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Which Damwon Top Laner are we Seeing on the Rift?

Noh “Burdol” Tae-yoon, top laner for Damwon

DK’s series against T1 showed glimpses of the DK that we saw in the past. The main problem with DK is around the top lane. Burdol had a really poor series against T1, and despite Nuguri coming back to take the series to Game 5, Burdol returned to the starting spot in the crucial game.

It’s quite clear that Nuguri is a player that is aggressive and would like to have resources. However, in this meta, bot lane is the main focus. While I don’t think Burdol is better than Nuguri in his current state, DK’s decision might be related to that.

DK’s potential can really change depending on who will be starting, even though Burdol should be favored. Against LSB, though, I think that playing on bot side might be the worse choice since it’s LSB’s core.

In addition, Damwon’s drafts have been somewhat questionable throughout the last couple of weeks. The team thinks that Renekton is a super priority pick, but it really falls off against many other picks in this meta. Aside from that, DK prefers the Lucian Nami, which forces you to play around them and DK doesn’t seem super good at doing that.

Prince is still One of the Best ADCs in the League

Lee “Prince” Chae-hwan, ADC for LSB

Prince is continuing to be the super carry that is taking the team on his back and his consistency is rivaled only by Gen.G’s Ruler. While DK found success playing for Deokdam, I doubt they can beat LSB who has played the whole split with that style.

Overall, the series will mainly depend on what drafts DK go for and whether Burdol or Nuguri will play the series. Liiv Sandbox always has the Prince card ready and it will be hard to target ban him in draft since he can play both Sivir and Zeri, the top 2 ADC picks, and his signature Aphelios. LSB have found a really good balance with their drafts and can answer any of the current meta comps.

Damwon vs LSB Match Information

  • Date: Thursday, September 1st
  • Time: 3:00am ET
  • Damwon vs LSB Live Stream: LCK – Twitch

Damwon vs LSB Predictions

The last time we saw these two teams face each other, LSB was the superior team by a lot, which is why it’s surprising to see that the odds are completely even. Sure, Damwon came really close at taking down the 2022 MSI runner-ups T1 in their semi-final series, but on the other hand, LSB also took 1 game away from Gen.G, the team that completely rolled over T1 in the grand finals.

There are very clear stylistic differences between these two teams, that’s why I don’t think that this is a 50/50 series. LSB is definitely the better team and they already proved this throughout the regular season. Let’s not forget that this team took down T1 2-0 in a convincing manner in Week 9, and a week before that, they did the same against Damwon. I’m expecting a clean series from LSB, which is going to secure them their first appearance on the international stage.

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