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Dplus KIA vs T1 Prediction, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks

Kellin Or Bible, Which Support Will DK Field?

After using a player from their academy to overcome Liiv SANDBOX, Dplus KIA secured third place in the 2023 LCK Summer Split. Unexpectedly, they recruited Yoon “Bible” Seol from Dplus KIA Challengers to help them beat Liiv SANDBOX. The 23-year-old has made sporadic appearances in the LCK in previous splits, but his overall exposure to South Korea’s top competition was still limited.

However, he still did a great job and was a major factor in Dplus KIA’s 2-0 triumph. While Bible didn’t particularly stick out in-game, the rest of Dplus KIA did an excellent job in their duties and often carried the team to victory late in the match.

Dplus KIA vs T1 Prediction, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds and Picks
(PHOTO) Kang "GorillA" Beom-hyun, coach for Dplus KIA

But the rookie support held his own, and Deft was able to finish the game strong. The world champion AD carry even pulled off a miracle one-versus-four against enemies with Elder Dragon buff, securing a DK win in the opening game. Dplus KIA gradually took control of the second game and eventually won the series.

Faker Managed To Save T1

Faker, despite sitting out for a month due to a hand injury, has demonstrated why he is the team’s most valuable player. T1 swiftly defeated KDF, while Faker was not a major factor in their triumph. He was reliable, never falling behind, and devastating in team battles.

Not only did the rest of T1 seem different, but they were also clearly more confident with their top man back in the lineup. As they had done without Faker in the lineup prior to his injury, they dominated the first half once again and played fearlessly.

During Faker’s absence, T1’s performance suffered. In the four weeks that Poby was a regular starter, the team went winless. Thankfully, they still qualified for postseason action, albeit in fifth place. Faker, who was hurt, kept helping T1 behind the scenes. The jungler for T1, Oner, mentioned that Faker regularly attended scrims and provided morale-boosting comments following both wins and losses.

Dplus KIA vs T1 Match Information

  • Match: Dplus KIA vs T1
  • Date/Time: Wednesday, August 9th, 4:00 am ET
  • Dplus KIA vs T1 Live Stream: Twitch-LCK

Dplus KIA vs T1 Picks and Prediction

This is definitely going to be a very interesting series to watch, considering that both teams have gone through some roster changes. These two teams finished the regular season on two very different notes. On one hand, T1 bounced back after being unable to pick up a single victory with Poby. And on the other hand, DK didn’t look as good in their last series of the season against HLE, though we have to admit that they are no easy opponents.

The last time DK went up against T1, it ended up in a clean 2-0 for them, though we can’t ignore the fact that Faker didn’t play in that series. However, DK did show a lot of improvement throughout the season, and it’s hard to discard a team that has Canyon under its wings.

I think that this series will go the long way with DK taking T1 to the 5th game and might be just capable of taking the series home.

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