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DRX vs DK Predictions, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks, July 22

Can Damwon Live Up to Their Potential?

We are far from those days where DWG KIA was considered a threat in the LCK, and if they don’t turn things around, we might never see them going back to their old form. The thing is, I’m not talking exclusively about this summer split, but the 2022 season as a whole. Let’s get it out of the way, yes, Damwon is going to make it into the playoffs and there is no doubt about it, but they’ve been raising a fair amount of concerns from what we’ve seen so far in the regular season.

It’s impossible to deny how exciting it was to watch Damwon back in the 2020-21 season. But what is exactly going on with this team? How is a team formed by the likes of Nuguri, Canyon, and Showmaker struggling to put up a fight against Gen.G and T1, while also dropping games they shouldn’t?

Deokdam and the rest of DWG KIA leaving the press conference room

Damwon has plenty of issues going on, but there is one that stands out above the rest. The jungle meta is obviously not working out in favor of DK. Canyon is clearly uncomfortable playing on this meta because it’s not all about him. It’s very difficult to play around the jungler in this meta as right now it’s a jungle meta where you are just an enabler for your carries.

Yeah, there are some teams capable of playing for the jungler, like Gen.G, but that’s something you can pull-off only when you are getting lane priority in almost every game. We can focus on them making the mistake of first picking a questionable Bel’Veth, but I don’t think that Damwon was “disrespecting” DRX by picking, it’s just them showing how poorly their read on the meta was at that time.

DRX Will Try to Repeat the Feat

Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo, mid laner for DRX

While we can talk all we want about Damwon not living up to the expectations, we have to give credit where it’s due. DRX played their typical game and it really worked out significantly well against DK. But is it going to work out in their favor again? While DRX is looking great in this meta, it’s still worth asking if they are going to look the same once the meta shifts.

They have figured out that all they have to do is give Zeka all the resources, while they let Kingen starve to death in the top lane. Kingen is the 2nd top laner with the lowest economy in the league, while Zeka is 1st amongst the mid laners when it comes to DMG share.

This might sound like a recipe for success for many teams, but right now, DRX are the masters of this playstyle. As long as Deft and Beryl can get their hands on a bot lane that can get priority in lane most of the time, DRX will play around this way. Zeka’s Corki is looking unstoppable and has only lost 1 out of 5 games with this pick.

The best thing that they got going for them, besides knowing how to play this style, is their teamfighting prowess. I mean, they have to be good at it because that’s what you are aiming for whenever you play around a late-game scaling mid like Corki or Azir. The biggest problem for them is just how telegraphed their game plan is, and I don’t think that it’s going to take a long time until the rest of the competition catches up with this and figures out a counter plan to it.

DRX vs DK Game Information

  • Date: Friday, July 22nd
  • Time: 7:00am ET
  • DRX vs DK Live Stream: LCK – Twitch

DRX vs DK Predictions

Teams like DRX end up falling really behind in the competition once the second phase of the regular phase begins, and we’ve seen that time and time again. Their binary playstyle of playing around the bot lane for the first part of the game then switching on to the “teamfight phase” where they just group up around Zeka is becoming too predictable.

After their series against Damwon, DRX has only managed to win 3 out of 10 games, that’s how much they’ve been struggling now in the later stages of the split. Out of the last 6 games where Zeka hasn’t played Corki, DRX has lost 5 of those, and the thing is that teams are starting to throw bans directly towards him more often than not.

While Damwon is far from being the dominant force they used to be in the past, I’m feeling pretty confident in them being able to bounce back during this 2nd round of the regular season. They have some of the smartest players in the league, after all, you don’t win a world championship for no reason.

The lol odds project that Damwon learned their lesson and they won’t be making the same mistakes they did the first time they played against DRX, that’s why I think they are going to bring the victory home this time and.

Make sure to stay tuned as we’ll keep covering the 2022 LCK Summer Split and sharing our esports picks!