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Estral Esports vs Isurus Predictions, Match Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks, June 25

This is Estral’s Game to Lose

Right now, Estral is looking like the absolute best team in the Latin American region, and it seems like they still have a lot of room to grow, which is quite scary. Jeong “Mireu” Jo-bin is dominating the mid lane, he is topping the charts with a whopping 41 KDA and the lowest number of deaths per game with 0.3. A lot of people had their doubts before the split began as we’ve seen time and time again these types of players arrive into the LLA only to end up disappointing a lot of fans, but that wasn’t the case for Mireu.

This team was clearly built not only looking for development as the split progresses, but also to dominate from the very beginning. The main question for this split is which team is going to end up snapping Estral’s ongoing winning streak, which is sitting at 4 wins right now. None of their opponents have been even close to picking up a win against them, and while other teams like Isurus, AK, and R7 look strong, they still seem a league below Estral.

Jeong "Mireu" Jo-bin, mid laner for Estral Esports

Week 3 of the 2022 LLA Summer Split is looking like the toughest one for Estral as they have to face Isurus and Rainbow7, two of the teams that are tailing Estral in the standings, though the lol odds are still on their side. The thing is that, on paper, there doesn’t seem to be a way for these teams to score a win against Estral. The main problem for them being that Estral is capable of playing both early-game and late-game oriented compositions.

Estral is going to put all their efforts into this week because if they lose any of their matches, the rest of the competition might learn a thing or two about how to defeat the current lossless team. If the Mexican team ends up with a 7-game winning streak throughout the first part of the round robin, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them going 14-0, just like Rainbow7 almost did in the spring split, though it’s safe to say that this Estral looks better.

Isurus Relies on Having a Good Early Game

Ali “Seiya” Bracamontes, mid laner for Isurus

Throughout the first 2 weeks of the split, Isurus showcased two things: First, they are a much better team now with the acquisition of Jesús Alberto “Grell” Loya Trujillo. Second, they are the best team when it comes to getting a solid early lead, but other than that, they don’t have much in their repertoire.

In their opening game, Isurus completely outclassed Globant Emerald through a strategy revolving around Grell constantly invading Warangelus and snatching away his camps. They did struggle around the 20 minute mark as they didn’t find a clear way to capitalize on their early game lead, though they closed out the game in a convincing manner.

For our esports picks of the ISG vs AK match, we talked about how their early game superiority would end up winning them the game. But Isurus showed their worst side when they drafted a composition heavily-based around the late-game against All Knights. The Argentinian shark couldn’t find a way to get a lead as their champions had no way to engage.

The main question for this game is the next one: Did Isurus improve enough to be able to draft any kind of composition, or are they going to stick to what has worked the best for them? If Isurus ends up falling behind in the early game while using a late-game composition, we might see one of the shortest games of the split so far.

Estral Esports vs Isurus Game Information

  • Date: Saturday, June 25
  • Time: 4:00pm ET
  • Estral Esports vs Isurus Live Stream: Twitch.tv

Estral Esports vs Isurus Predictions

Even though I like the way that Isurus has improved so far, I don’t think that they are going to withstand the individual strength of the Estral members. Jeong “Mireu” Jo-bin is looking like the best mid laner we’ve seen in a while in the league, and Ali “Seiya” Bracamontes hasn’t been performing that well over the past couple of splits.

The only way I see Isurus winning this match is if they somehow end up racking an early lead big enough that allows Grell and Seiya to shut down their counterparts. Why I don’t think this is going to happen is because Estral’s drafts have been solid all-around, not allowing their opponents to attack any specific lane.

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