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Evil Geniuses vs Beastcoast Preview, Live Stream, Odds, Picks & Predictions

This Match Has Many Implications For Group A’s Standings

Right now, Evil Geniuses and Beastcoast are sitting at the bottom of the standings in Group A. Evil Geniuses has only managed to win 1 game out of 10, while Beastcoast has 3 wins under its belt. If Evil Geniuses take down Beastcoast 2-0 and OG loses their upcoming match against BetBoom team, then there would be a three-way tie between EG, OG, and BOOM Esports. This match between Evil Geniuses and Beastcoast will define a lot, making it very exciting to watch.

Beastcoast is one of the South American representatives, the other one is Group B’s Thunder Awaken. TA had a great performance on the major’s opening day against Europe’s Team Liquid, but after that, things started to go south for them. Fortunately for Thunder Awaken, they’ll make it out of their group due to Mind Games being disqualified earlier on in the tournament.

Beastcoast is just one win away from making it into the playoffs stage
Beastcoast is just one win away from making it into the playoffs stage

Evil Geniuses came into the tournament as North America’s 1st seed, but they haven’t been able to win a single series yet. If they lose this series they are 100% eliminated and will be a huge failure in their books. But it wouldn’t be completely unexpected as Evil Geniuses haven’t managed to win a major in a really long time.

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Evil Geniuses Looks Completely Lost During the Early Game

Evil Geniuses had one of their worst TI performances last year at TI10
Evil Geniuses had one of their worst TI performances last year at TI10

“I don’t think the difference between NA DPC and international events is so big gamewise that we will struggle on Majors”, that’s what Evil Geniuses offlaner, Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko, said a few weeks ago before coming into this first major of the year. Well, so far it seems that he was wrong as both North American teams have been struggling quite a bit during the groups stage on the first couple of days.

Things are looking grim for the North American team, and knowing how they’ve reacted to failure in the past, it wouldn’t be crazy to see them making huge roster changes if they fail to qualify for the playoffs. After their disappointing TI10 performance, Evil Geniuses replaced iceiceice with Nightfall, and Fly with the two-time TI champion Jerax.

Evil Geniuses seem to be struggling when it comes to making key decisions in their matches. It almost looks as if Jerax had no voice within the team, which might be a worrying sign because he is well-known for his decision-making. The rest of the team is looking absolutely lost when they are moving around the map but somehow they still managed to score 1 win against BOOM Esports. Though BOOM has scored 5 draws already so it wasn’t much of a surprise.

What Evil Geniuses might try to do is simply funnel everything into Arteezy and Abed for their upcoming match. It worked in their game versus BOOM where Arteezy on TA and Abed on Storm Spirit simply took control over the map and secured the win 30 minutes into the game. Things aren’t looking great for EG, but their run isn’t over yet.

Beastcoast is Really Close to Being a Good Team

Last year, Beastcoast made it to the TI stage for the first time in the history of the organization
Last year, Beastcoast made it to the TI stage for the first time in the history of the organization

The South American representatives already scored 2 draws against two of the Southeast Asian teams, T1 and BOOM Esports. According to many dota betting experts, this was completely unexpected and that’s for a good reason. Beastcoast didn’t have the best performance in the DPC SA Tour 2, they dropped their series 0-2 against Infamous, a much weaker team if we compare it to the likes of Thunder Awaken or Hokori.

But they managed to upset their SEA counterparts, and they did it in a convincing fashion. The South American team is well-known for their exotic picks like Lich, Venomancer, and Sven, and that makes Beastcoast a very interesting team to watch. Although their playstyle is very chaotic and they often rely on the enemy team making mistakes, Beastcoast is pretty good when it comes to executing complicated teamfights.

Just like Evil Geniuses, Beastcoast does seem a bit lost during the early parts of the game, and this is completely normal as we’ve noticed that many of the weaker teams struggle at this. What Beastcoast got going for them is their eccentric playstyle and Evil Geniuses might not be ready for it.

Evil Geniuses vs Beastcoast Game Information

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Evil Geniuses vs Beastcoast Predictions

This is a very interesting match to analyze, both teams are relying on very different things to secure wins and their playstyles are completely different. Evil Geniuses might have the better players, but they are clearly struggling when it comes to playing as a single unit. Beastcoast’s wins come from surprising their opponents with their picks and playing a very explosive mid-game.

I think that Beastcoast has the upper hand in this match and that’s mainly because Evil Geniuses are way too pressured at this point. A draw won’t be enough for Evil Geniuses, they need to take a 2-0 victory against Beastcoast if they want to make it out of groups. But it’s too late for them, Evil Geniuses seem to play worse as the tournament goes on and nothing indicates that they’ll be able to 2-0 the South American representatives.

We’ll still give EG the benefit of the doubt, just for the fact that they have good players they might be able to win one of the games, but still, I think that Beastcoast has the higher chance of winning the series 2-0.

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