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Evil Geniuses vs Mad Lions Prediction, Preview, Stream, Odds & Picks

Can Evil Geniuses snap the Negative NA vs EU Streak?

It’s been a long time since we could consider North America vs Europe rivalry to be alive. Fortunately for all the North American fans out there, this matchup might be the closest one we’ve seen in a while, though there are a few things we have to consider before making a solid prediction.

First of all, both teams are the weakest seed of their respective region, which means that Europe has the upper hand from the get-go. Second, Evil Geniuses managed to secure 2nd place in Group A after playing two tiebreakers (against DFM and LOUD), though Mad Lions had to play against both DRX and RNG (lost both games), if we are being completely honest, Evil Geniuses couldn’t have won against either of them either.

Evil Geniuses vs Mad Lions Prediction, Preview, Stream, Odds & Picks
Impact and Inspired, top laner and jungler for Evil Geniuses

The biggest advantage Evil Geniuses have over Mad Lions is that they have played way more best-of-5 series throughout the entire year. Evil Geniuses have a 6-3 record in bo5’s, while Mad Lions have only played 3 so far, losing 2 out of those. That’s right, the single best-of-5 series that MAD won was on Monday against Saigon Buffalo.

As mentioned before, while Europe are the favorites in this regional clash, Evil Geniuses have a decent shot at winning this series and finally ending the curse that has been hovering over North America for a while now.

Will Elyoya keep the Momentum going for Mad Lions?

Evil Geniuses vs Mad Lions Prediction, Preview, Stream, Odds & Picks
Javier “Elyoya” Prades Batalla, jungler for Mad Lions

Since his first appearance on the international stage back in the 2021 MSI, the Spaniard has managed to impress spectators all over the world. Now, throughout the entirety of the play-in stage, Javier “Elyoya” Prades Batalla has managed to put Mad Lions in a favorable position in every single one of their games.

Right now he is holding a 6.8 KDA and a 78.7% Kill Participation, one of the highest numbers amongst all junglers, which is really impressive considering that he’s had to play against Royal Never Give Up and DRX, the absolute two strongest teams currently playing the Play-in Stage.

One might think that he might have an easy time in this series simply because he is playing against a North American team. Unfortunately for him, he is going to face off Inspired, someone who is currently considered one of the best western junglers. In fact, it’s not crazy to think that Inspired might be the better player in this matchup.

Why is that? Well, simply put, Inspired is a much more consistent player. It seems that Elyoya’s playstyle doesn’t work against well-coordinated teams. Sure, he is able to put up impressive numbers and rack up a big amount of kills during the early game (MAD vs DRX game being a perfect example), but sometimes that is not enough to win a game, let alone a best-of-5 series.

Evil Geniuses vs Mad Lions Match Information

  • Date: Tuesday, Oct. 04
  • Time: 1:00pm ET
  • Evil Geniuses vs Mad Lions Live Stream: Twitch.tv

Evil Geniuses vs Mad Lions Prediction

Evil Geniuses vs Mad Lions Prediction, Preview, Stream, Odds & Picks
Impact, top laner for Evil Geniuses

This is definitely going to be an exciting clash between two regions that have had a fierce rivalry throughout the history of competitive League of Legends.

When it comes to league of legends bets, it’s important to consider which team has a stronger team-play, and not necessarily which one has the best individualities. This is why Evil Geniuses have a really good chance at taking down the European representatives in a best-of-5.

Sure, Mad Lions have Elyoya and Unforgiven, two players that have been playing really good throughout the whole play-in tournament, but if we take a look at the bigger picture, Evil Geniuses has had way better games as a team, which is why they are able to close out games in a much cleaner way than their European counterparts.

I think that Armut’s laning phase is going to be a huge issue for Mad Lions, just like it has been throughout the whole play-ins. Impact is putting up amazing performances and we all know what he is capable of if he gets an early lead. Inspired is an absolute monster and his pristine pathing is going to make it impossible for Elyoya to find a way to out-jungle him.

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